American River, California

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    Part of Journal (October 22, 1865 – December 31, 1872)

    September 7, 1872 ~ Saturday Sept 7, 1872 I spent the day in Preparing to take a Journey to Calafornia to Attend the State Fair with G A Smith & G Q Cannon I took up a collection for G. A. Smith to Bear his Expenses I collected $1658 which I paid over to him September 8, 1872 ~ Sunday 8. Sunday I met with my Quorum in the Morning & attended Meeting in the Tabernacle all day
    September 7, 1872 September 8, 1872 September 9, 1872 September 10, 1872 September 11, 1872 September 12, 1872
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    Part of Letter to Samuel Brannan, 25 September 1848

    are in ashes pestilence of every kind is waisting away the people of New England & the States in General on the increase of 50 per cent. In the East the potatoes are roting, clams are poisoning the people to death & the Eels are dying by cart loads supposed to be poisoned by eating clams. politicks run High VanBuren goes as the free soil candidate Taylor the Whigs, Cass the Dems. But I must leave those subjects for I want ...