Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts

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    & family, Ebenezer Carver & family & a young man by the name of Alonzo Thurstin. From Camden Daniel Whitley & family, from Scarborough Elder James Townsend & family, & Elder Willford Woodruff & family this camp consisted of 8 families the whole numbering 53 persons we had 10 waggons & 19 horses & after being set in order we rode to Saco 4 miles to Kenebunk 9 miles & camped for the night by a ...
    October 5, 1838 October 6, 1838 October 7, 1838 October 8, 1838
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    We have no news of much interest business has been duller for the past year than has scarecely ever been known before we think from present appearances that it will improve this fall. Father spent the week with us past, he continues smart. I was at Scarbure, a few days since, all as well as usual there with no material change. Mr. Carters health is very poor, the children are all well. Ezras family are well. Anna is at Andover at boarding ...