Andrew Rasmus Anderson

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    Part of Journal (February 1880 – December 1885)

    [FIGURE] David Evans June 24, 1883 He was followed By L. W. Hardy, R. T. Burton A. O. Smoot A R Anderson who spoke of Jeppa Larson Bishop Collar closed. At the close of the services we took the car and returned home. Distance of the day 60 M June 25, 1883 ~ Monday 25 [FIGURE] I received 2 letters from A E Hinkley & M. S. Ray I ...
    June 25, 1883 June 26, 1883 June 27, 1883 June 28, 1883 June 29, 1883 June 30, 1883 July 1, 1883 July 2, 1883
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    Part of Letter from Lott Russon, 27 March 1892

    OFFICE OF T. F. TRANE, Agt., DEALER IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, ETC Al Rio Grande Western Depot, Lehi City, Utah, March 27th, 1892 President. Woodruff and Council Deer Brethern Brether Thomas Salt wishes to visit his relatives in England. and he would like it to be a Mission. we as President and Council of the Elders Quorum of Lehi would recommend as such Lott Russon President Peter Schew Council T. F. Trane Bishop
    March 27, 1892