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    if you live up to your privilege, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates - - females if they are pure & innocent can come into the presence of God, for what is more pleasing to God than innocence, you must be innocent or you can not come up before God, if we would come before God let us be pure ourselves.
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    for it is a decree of the Lord that evry tree fruit or herb bearing seed, should bring forth after its kind & cannot come forth after any other law or princi- ple. Upon the same principle do I contend that Baptism is a sign, ordained of God for the believer in Christ to take upon himself in order to enter into the kingdom of God, "for except you are born of the water & the spirit you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, saith the Savior, as It is a sign of command which God hath set for man to enter into this kingdom of God those who seek to enter in any other way will seek in vain, for God will not receive them neither will the angels acknowledge their works as accepted, for they have not taken upon themselves those ordinances & signs which God ordained for man to receive in order to receive a celestial glory, & God has decreed that all that ^who^ will not obey his voice shall not escape the damnation of hell. What is the damnation of hell, to go with that society who have not obeyed his commands. Baptism is a sign to God, to Angels to heaven that we do the will of God & their is no other way beneath the heavens whareby God hath ordained for man to come to God & any other cource is in vain. God hath decreed & ordained that man should repent of all his sins & Be Baptized for the remission of his sins then he can come to God in the name of Jesus Christ in faith, then we have the promise of the Holy Ghost
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    Br Smoot related the news to me from Br Patten which was glorious in the first degree he gave me an account of the endowment at Kirtland Ohio the heavens was opened unto them Angels & Jesus Christ was seen of them sitting at the right hand of the father
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    A person appeared unto me which I conside rd was the Prince of Darkness or the Devil he made war with me & attempted to take my life. he caught me by the throat & choaked me nearly to death. he wounded me in my forehead, I also wounded him in a number of places in the head as he was about to overcome me I prayed to the father in the name of Jesus for help. I then had power over him & he left me though much wounded [illegible] 3 personage [ink blot] dressed in white came to me & prayed with
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    Those things are about to come to pass upon the heads of the present generation notwithsta- nding they are not looking for it neither do they believe it yet their unbelief will not make the truth of God without effect, the signs are appearing in the heavens & on the earth and all things indicate the fulfillment of th Prophets the figtree is leaving summer is nigh. And the Lord has sent his angels to lay the foundation of this great and important work, then why should not God reveal his secrets unto his servents the Prophets that the Saints might be led in paths of safety that they may escape those evils that are about to engulf a whole genera- tion in ruin
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    President Young arose & said I wish to say a few words upon Principle I desire the brethren and sisters to be taught in all things necessary. There is one thing I want you to realize and that is that God, Angels, & Saints Heaven and all of Gods creation are governed by law and I want the Camp of Israel to understand that we must be and if Heaven was not controlled by law what for a place would it be I would not wish to be there for were we rushed into Heaven without law evry man would be in danger of loosing his rights & having them trampeld upon but all celestial beings are governed by law & perfect order yea the celestial law is a perfect order of things a perfect system of light, law, intelligence exhaltation & glory where evry persons rights are sustained to the fulest extent
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    I do not expect perfection in men not what the world calls perfection I have seen a perfect prophet and perfect Apostles, that is perfect in their calling. But not the perfection the world looks for. If Joseph had been as perfect as the people wished him to be he could not have lived with the people nor stayed this side of the veil as long as he did, we co[u]ld not have herd his voice nor seen his face. He would have had to been veiled Israel could not endure the face of Moses at times. The Lord exp- ects us to be in the path of Duty when we get in Eternity we shall be Angels or Goods we shall their advance to the God head if we do right.
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    Angels are ministering spirits to those who are heirs of salvation but when you do wrong the Angels of the Lord will leave and the Angels of the devil will take there place & keep their company then you are on dangerous ground & if you will not hear the prophets that God sends unto you you would not hear the Angels of God
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    who should have women sealed to them those men who have proved to God Angels & man that they are willing to do any thing that God requires of them at the sacrafice of all their own private interest or feelings & have been faithful all the day long such should have women sealed to them for they will be saved.
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    March 1st 1849 This is my Birth Day Also the first day of the spring of 1849. I am 42 years old this day, how such figures look to A man while counting up his years. As the Lord has preserved me through another year of my life, I Pray my Heavenly Father to keep me safe through the year which I am now Entering. O God the Eternal Father I ask the in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ, & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood to preserve me blameless through this year of my life life which I am now Entering. Keep me from evry temptation, from Entangling my feet with sin, let the Holy Ghost be my constant compa nion & teach me my duty in all things. Give me favor in thy sight O Lord & in the sight of thy Son Jesus Christ, in the sight of Angels And in the sight of All Prophets, Apostles, Patriarchs, & Saints both in Heaven, & on Earth. Preserve my wife & children in safety & all appartaining unto me. Bless thy servant Brigham His council, the Twelve, seventies High Priest, with all the saints of the Most High God in all the Earth. Bless the seed of Abraham, And gather them Home. Favor Zion, O Lord, Break in peaces every weapon formed against her. I Ask all these Blessings with all others which thou seest I need in the Name of Jesus Christ & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood Amen
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    April 15, 1837 ~ Saturday WILLFORD. WOODRUFFs Patriarchal Blessing Receieved April 15th 1837 At a blessing meeting held at the LORDs house in Kirtland Ohio on the 15th day of April AD. 1837. Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the church of latter day saints confered a blessing upon the head of Willford Woodruff son of Aphek Woodruff born in Farmington Hartford County Connt March the 1st 1807 My Beloved Brother I
    April 15, 1837
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    interfered, & caused Mehemet Ali to lie passive at their feet, but the effect of all these movements have been to prepare the way for the return of the Jews to the land of there Fathers, & while the Lord is begining to give the Jews favor in the eyes of Kings that they m[a]y become their nursing fathers & Queens th[e]ir nursing mothers, they begin to see it time for them to make a right use of so favorable an opportunity & immediately return & rebuild Jerrusalem, & ...
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    An Account of a Dream of the late Dr Phillip Doddridge After some conversation with Dr Clark of St Alb[an]s who had been conversing in the evening upon the nature of the seperate orgeal state & the probability that the scenes on which the soul would enter on its first leaving the body would have some resemblance to those with which it had been conversent while on earth that it might by Degrees be prepared for the more sublime happiness of the Heavenly Kingdom, this ...
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    greatly inferior to this in Eligance, the reason the guide gave him was plainly suggested by the conversation of the contrast that the scenes first presented to him were contrived on purpose to bear a near resemblance to those he had been accustomed to on earth that he might be more easily & gradually prepared for the glories which would open upon him hereafter and which would at first view quite dazzle & overpower him by this time they were come up to the palace & the guide [taketh] him led ...
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    March 6, 1845 ~ Thursday 6th I spent the day at the of[fice] [FIGURE] I recieved 3 Letters 4 miles March 7, 1845 ~ Friday 7th [FIGURE] I wrote a letter to Br Ilus F Carter & spent the day at the office 4 m March 8, 1845 ~ Saturday 8th I wrode to Preston with Elder Ward & spent the night at Sister Ellen Green 101 Bedford st 35 m March 9, 1845 ~ Sunday ...
    March 6, 1845 March 7, 1845 March 8, 1845 March 9, 1845
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    March 23, 1837 ~ Thursday March 23rd I repaired to the house of the Lord at an early hour in the morning to spend the day in prayer and fasting with the saints in Kirtland, as this was a day set apart for that purpose. Immediately after entering the house in com pany with several other Elders, I went within the veil and we bowed down before the Lord in the aronic stand & offer'd a morning sacrifice, & the Spirit of God rested upon us ...
    March 23, 1837
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    Written upon the Death of Elder David W. Patten who was martered in Missouri in 1838, for the word of God & the testimony of Jesus Christ. He was the first marter of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints chosen to build up the kingdom of GOD & prepare for the coming of Christ Hear O earth, Israel thy dark slumber break as the American gentile trembles at the thought that an angel again should visit the earth & the abundance of light ...
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    June 27, 1839 ~ Thursday June 27th I spent the day in Commerce in council with the Presidency & Twelve we had an interesting day Joseph was president of the council Brother Orson Hide was restored to the church and the quorum of the Twelve in full fellowship by a full vote of the council, after making an humble confession & acknowledgement of his sins &c. [FIGURES] Among the vast number of the Keys of the kingdom of God Joseph presented the following one to ...
    June 27, 1839 June 28, 1839 June 30, 1839 July 1, 1839 July 2, 1839
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    over his children & his wife in wrighteousnes then he will be capable of Presiding over a branch of the Church but many Elders are contending about presiding over Churches when they are not capable of presiding over themselve or the least child I have they have. Again the first Principle of our cause & work is to understand that their is a prophet in the Church & that he is at the head of the Church on Earth. who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people ...
    July 30, 1843
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    the nation will now be deprived of the benefit of that wisdom and intelligence which the Prophet seer & revelator would have brought to light that would have been used for the benefit of the nations, But now their die is cast and doom is sealed, & their judgment will come in an hour they are not aware of. It was so with the Jews, they said if we let Jesus alone he will come and take away our state and Nation so they crusifyed his shed his blood and said let ...