Anne of Great Britain

Anne of Great Britain was represented at Westminster Abbey and mentioned by Wilford Woodruff when he visited on 5 Sep. 1840 in London, Middlesex, England.


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  • Page 171

    September 5, 1840 ~ Saturday Sept 5th [FIGURE] Elders Kimball, Smith, & myself Visited Westminster Abbey & went through evry appartme nt of it & saw all the tombs & monuments of the Kings, Queens, Princes, Lords, & noted men that have ever been entombed within its walls one part of the Abbey was built in the year 600 having stood over 1200 years most all of the Kings & Queens of England are in this Abbey that have died for the ...
    September 5, 1840
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    on her side and sunk by which fatal accident 900 persons, including the brave Admiral Kempenfelt were launched into eternity) 23. A 7 pounder brass cannon from Malta 17 feet 4 inches in length 24. A Brass gun time of Charles II. remarkable on account of its extraordinary proportions 25 and 26 Two 25 pounders fine brass cannon taken from the walls of Vigo by Lord Cobham AD 1704 on the breech are carved the shins of Lions the effigy of St Barbar◊a to whom they were ...