Antwerp, Belgium

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    sidency of the Church. The following is the translation: "Elder J. Spori. Dear Brother! I let you know that I am now in Antwerp, Belgium and I have baptized 6 persons. Br. Hintze Missionary in Constantinope, or- dered me to send unto him all the names of those who are baptized by me. I have written to him but received no answer. I don't know whether he is still in Constple. or not. But you know Br. Hintze; we were all in Constantinople ...
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    6./ Mathilde Pieper, bapd. 19/10 1888, born 11/8 (11. August) 1879 in Lünen. Parents are there and they were Prote- stants before joining the Church. Dear Brother, I thank the allmighty God and Father in heaven who has shown [mg] by His servant the narrow path in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I thank Him all the time for instructing me to do His will. I wish you would give me answer, and also where Br. Hintze is. I wrote ...