Apache County, Arizona Territory

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    Part of Letter from E. Ellsworth, 3 March 1893

    To any particular place. he said we should have his blessing to do so and to settle where we de sired if it was to settle in old Mexico but if we went into old Mexico he would advise us to get a company of not less than 100 fam ilies for safety. Some three or four of us mooved three of us settled here in Apache Co. when the Seventies reorganized a Circular was sent to the scattered members advising them to join the quorums near where they were located ...
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    Part of Letter to John Taylor, 25 November 1879

    6 raise, if they can: as bread-stuff is as high again here as it is there. I should like to be informed, as soon as you receive this, what the prospect is about the companies, and what the chance will be about their bringing cows with them. We can begin to feel and see the importance of the counsel and views of President Young, years ago concerning this country, and he often said; "Brethren, form your settlements in Arizona ^and^ New Mexico, for the day will ...