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    When I closed, Mr. Randolph Alex- ander, who had never heard a "Mor- mon" Elder speak before, said, the people of the present day made him think of a pen of hogs; the keeper would make a trough, and pour into it hot or cold water, dish water, or anything else, and they would drink it; but let a stranger come along, and pour over a basket of corn on the back side of the pen, and the hogs would be frightened, and run and snort all over the pen. He said it was so with the people; the priests would feed them with any kind of doctrine, no matter how false, the people will swallow it down; but let a stranger come and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which will save the people, as Mr. Woodruff has done, and the peo- ple are afraid of him.
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    (I had a dream which I will here relate I saw a fruit tree, & I went into the tree in search of fruit. I soon discovered that some of the main branches on ^the^ top g^r^oing from the main body was dead; It seemed necessary to cut off the dead branches in order to save the tree so I told some person to help me cut them off & they steped on to a large green limb they were afraid it would break, so I put my sholder under it & held it up while he cut off the dead branches it cracked the green limb but it did not break. after we cut of[f] the dry limbs the wounds healed up and the tree grew finely) now let us cut of the dead bran ches of the Church that good fruit may grow and the voice will soon be herd go and build Zion and the great Temple of the Lord.
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    The Home was lyted by 3 chandeliers with 12 lights in each lighthed with gass there were some 1500 people present. Mr Barrett pledged him- self to prove th Book of Mormon false & water baptism ^not^ essential to Salvation while Brother Cordon pleged himself to prove the Book of Mormon true & water baptism essential to Salvation. As Mr Barrytt arose & declyaired to the Assembly that he would prove the Book of Mormon false & water baptism not essential to Salvation 4 glass chimneys in each of the chanderliers burst
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    But their has been a great difficulty in getting anything into the heads of this generation it has been like splitting hemlock knots with a corn doger for a wedge & a pumpkin for a beetle; even the saints are slow to understand I have tried for a number of years to get the minds of the saints prepared to recieve the things of God, but we freequently see some of them after suffering all they have for the work of God will fly to peaces like glass as soon as any thing comes that is contrary to their traditions, they cannot stand the fire all at all. How many will be able to abide a celestial law & go through & recieve their exhaltation I am unable to say but many are called & few are chosen
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    O ye Twelve and all saints, profit by this important key [FIGURE] that in all your trials, troubles, & temptations, afflictions bonds imprisionment & death see to it that you do not betray heaven, that you do not betray Jesus Christ, that you do not betray your Brethren, & that you do not betray the revela tions of God whether in the bible, Book of Mormon, or Doctrine & Covenants or any of the word of God. yea in all your kicking, & floundering see to it that you do not this thing lest innocent blood be found in your skirts & you go down to hell. We may ever know by this sign that there is danger of our being led to a fall & aposticy, when we give way to the devil so as to neglect the first known duty but whatever you do do not betray your Friend
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    I have not any doubt but that the apostates will join with the others wicked powers to try to put down the power of God. and I am glad to have the power of the kingdom of God tested & when it is fully tried it will stand, I care not what sacrifice I am called to make for such a kingdom, if its friends, welth or even life at the purchase of such a kingdom it is cheap, did the ancient Apostles, Prophets or Saints who died pay two much for that kingdom they did not.
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    Men will say I will never forsake you but will stand by you at all times but the moment you teach them some of the mysteries of God that are retained in the heavens and are to be revealed to the children of men when they are prepared, They will be the first to stone you & put you to death. It was the same principle that crusified the Lord Jesus Christ.
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    when the Father appointed Jesus Christ the first born to come & redeem the Earth there was contention got up the second brother Lucipher the son of the morning He wanted the honour to come & redeem the Earth but Christ was the Appointed one it was his right by appoin tment & birthright. But the war & contention became so hot & the influence of Lucipher was so great that he got one third of the hosts of Heaven to Join his standard & when he was hurled down to Hell like lightning from Heaven one third was cast down with him whare is he & those that were cast down, with those spirts that accompanied him they are here on this Earth and they have blinded the child ren of men & still seeking to overthrow the kingdom of God He is a thorn in the flesh to the children of God but this is all right & we should be contented with what God sees fit to grant unto us & to contented with our lot. If the devil had been contented & acted in his place he would not have been thrust down to Hell. Any man who seeks to do a thing that he cannot do & should not do it cast him into Hell & makes a Hell for him when men ask for things that does not belong to him & it makes him unhappy.
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    Do the Latter day Saints wish the Nations of the Earth any Evil No we would save them all if we could. But it was a mercy anciently to cut off the wicked from the Earth that their posterity should not inherit the Earth to follow the wickedness of their fathers Gog & Magog will ere long gather to fight against the Saints of the Lamb of God and when hope is almost fled Christ will come and End the scenery.
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    what is there here in this valley that should hendor this people from being happy I am happy because I do not fret about any thing that I cannot do. I wont fret about any thing what henders your praying & praising God No body but your own selves if you are seeking to weed your neighbors garden you will have business enough. but this is a happy people I wish they would prize their blessings. You have not got to mourn as did the Ancients because their children would Apostitise turn from God & be cursed Our children will not Apostitze they will not have time but will have all they can do to perform the work of God as it rolls upon them to prepare the kingdom for the coming of Christ gather up the Nations &c Then be happy & do the things required of you
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    gospel was offered unto them but when they put to death their king & savior the gospel was taken from them & given to the gentiles it was also given to the Lamanites & ten tribes of Israel. the first were to be last & the last first it will now come to the gentiles first then to the ten tribes of Israel & to the Lamanite before it will go to the Jews they will be the last to received it who has ever herd of the Jews having the spirit of God ...
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    Dec 15th 1869 we fed him a tumbler full that satisfied him & he fell asleep & slept for half an hour and After He awoke he vomited up a good deal of flem But finally became distresed again in the lungs & continued sinking through the night December 16, 1869 ~ Thursday 16. The child is dying this morning Delight the Mother of the child is feeling vary bad Emma, Sarah, & myself was with the child ...
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    Dec 25 1869 come from the presence of God the posterity of Cane are Black Because He commit Murder He killed Abel & God set a Mark upon his posterity But the spirits are pure that Enter their tabernacles & there will be a chance for the redemption of all the children of Adam Expcept the Sons of perdition. [John 17:12] W Woodruff made a speech upon aposticy and the Merchants ...
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    Bear lake valley to St George in Washington County & President Brigham Young Preached during these Journies 43 Hours & 12 minutes according to the time I kept as recorded in my Journal. We also Esstablished the Joint Merchantile Coop- eration as a general whole sale store also ward stores. we have had sent unto us By the general Government the most wicked set of Judges & all government officers that have Ever Been sent in Utah Territory, they are doing all ...
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    June 22nd 1870 ~ Wednesday B Young Jr Prayed President Young spoke 38 M[inutes] He said If I was to ask how many there are here today who was in Jackson Co I think there would be but few, or in Kirtland or far west but few I contrast the groth of this people with these days In the days of Joseph it was a hard Matter to get the people to believe in Revelation. But I told the people the day ...
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    June 22nd 1870 wants to Apostitize I say let him go. Cut the thread & the least we say about the Apostates or the officers of Government the Better, & Mr Grant has been on a bed of Nettles to know what the Mormons were agoing to do if they Passed the Collum Bill. I have told them I did not know but God will tell us what to do & if we do it He will protect us in all things. We have No time to ...
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    August 31, 1870 ~ Wednesday Aug 31, 1870 I commenced shingling the west side of my South House September 1, 1870 ~ Thursday Sept 1. I finished shingling my house & went to the farm 3 M[iles] September 2, 1870 ~ Friday 2nd I spent the day in hoeing corn & pulling weeds out of my Potatoe Patch. September 3, 1870 ~ Saturday 3rd I attended the school of the Prophets President Young had gone to the ...
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    Dec 26, 1866 O Pratt be preached & Published as the doctrine of the Church & not contradicted by us it would not be long before there would be syms [schysms] in the Church this doctrin as Preached in this sermon is fals doctrin if we do not believe that it wouldas necesary for Christ to shed his Blood to save the world, whare is our church it is nothing. This does not set well upon my feelings. It is grievious to me to have the Apostles teach fals doctrines. Now if
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    Jan 17th 1867 John Sharp & wives received their second Anointing at the Endowment House we remained in the council chamber till after 10 oclok January 18, 1867 ~ Friday 18. I spent the day & all night in the Legislative Council till 4 oclok of the 19. we finished the business of the session I met at the prayer room at the Historians office at 12 oclok L E Harrington received his second anointing. G A Smith Anointed him ...
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    Jan 21st 1867 given under heaven whare by men can be saven, and I can tell brother Lyman that that doctrin will send him to perdition if he contin- ues in it, & so it will any man, & such a doctrine would rend this church & kingdom to peaces like an Earthquake. There never was nor never will be a saint on the Earth that believes that doctrin it is the worst herricy man can preach. when the Twelve got through speaking Amasa Lyman wept like a child ...