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    We sat down under the shade of a pine for morning prayers, & O, what glorious contemplations vibrated our souls. Elder Hale read the XVI. ch of Jeremiah that spake of the hunters and fishers that God should chuse in the last days to gather Israel. And of a truth here we were on an Island of the sea standing upon a rock whare we could survey the gallant ships, and also the Island. which was as full of rocks, holes, & caves perhaps as any part of the earth. But what had brought us here? Ah to search out the Blood of Ephraim & gather him from these Islands, rocks, holes, & caves, which were numerous While the sun shed his beams to gladden earth, the spirit of God caused, our souls to rejoice. I sat down in company with Elder Hale, we read, and sung, and Prayed, and rejoiced. We spake of the ancient Prophets & Apostles in Jerusalem and Asia, Also of Nephhi, Alma, Mormon & Moroni in America. We Also spake of Joseph, Oliver, Sidney, & of the twelve
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    June 1st 1843 The quorum of the Twelve met in Council at President J Smith Store to make some arangments to start on their mission to collect funds for the Nauvoo House & temple we each one of us bound ourselves under bonds of two thousands Dollars for the faithful performance of our duty in making strict returns of all property put into our hands to the trustees in trust, Elder Aaron Johnson was my Bondsman,, President Joseph Smith gave me the following letter of commendation Elder Wilford Woodruff Letter of Commendation To all Saints and honourable men of the earth Greetings, Dear Brethren & friends I Joseph Smith a servant of the Lord and Trustee in trust for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints do hereby certify that the bearer hereof Wilford Woodruff an Elder and one of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has deposited with me his bond and security to my full satisfaction according to the resolution of the Conference held in this City on the 6th day of April last He therefore is recommended to all Saints & honorable people as a legal agent to collect funds for the purpose of building the Nauvoo house and Temple of the Lord Confident that he will honor this high trust as well as fulfill ardently fulfill
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    And as the Lord has done in other ages, so he has done now he has raised up a Prophet & ^is^ revealing unto him his secrets & through that Prophet He has brought to light the fullness of the everlasting gospel to the present generation, & is again once more for the last time esstablishing his church upon the foundation of the Ancient Apostles & Prophets Christ Jesus Being the chief corner stone
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    President Young Kimball followed & said he believed we had more to do than other dispensations yet they had the Keys of the kingdom if they had not had them they could not have given them to us Jesus says my sheep hear my voice & will follow me if they dont pray I think they are not the sheep of Christ if you dont ask the savio saviour for what you want how do you expect to get it then ask the Lord for what you want Brother Brigham holds the Keys of this Kingdom & no body els holds them as he does others hold keys but they hold them under him He holds the keys that Peter held.
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    March 1st 1849 This is my Birth Day Also the first day of the spring of 1849. I am 42 years old this day, how such figures look to A man while counting up his years. As the Lord has preserved me through another year of my life, I Pray my Heavenly Father to keep me safe through the year which I am now Entering. O God the Eternal Father I ask the in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ, & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood to preserve me blameless through this year of my life life which I am now Entering. Keep me from evry temptation, from Entangling my feet with sin, let the Holy Ghost be my constant compa nion & teach me my duty in all things. Give me favor in thy sight O Lord & in the sight of thy Son Jesus Christ, in the sight of Angels And in the sight of All Prophets, Apostles, Patriarchs, & Saints both in Heaven, & on Earth. Preserve my wife & children in safety & all appartaining unto me. Bless thy servant Brigham His council, the Twelve, seventies High Priest, with all the saints of the Most High God in all the Earth. Bless the seed of Abraham, And gather them Home. Favor Zion, O Lord, Break in peaces every weapon formed against her. I Ask all these Blessings with all others which thou seest I need in the Name of Jesus Christ & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood Amen
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    we considerd this a duty & privlege as we come into a glorious valley to locate & build a temple & build up Zion we felt like renewing our covenant before the Lord and each other. We soon repaired to the water & President Brigham Young went down into the water & baptized all his Brethren the Twelve that were with him by burying them in the water He also confirmed us in the Church & sealed upon us our apostleship & all the keys, powers, & blessings belonging to that office Br Heber C. Kimball baptized & confirmed President Brigham Young the following are the names of those present on this occasion B. Young H. C. Kimball O. Pratt W. Richards W. Woodruff G. A. Smith & A Lyman
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    I was inspired & moved upon to write a Journal & keep a record of the affairs of this Church from the time I first Joined this Church up to the Presient time. I seldom Ever heard the Prophet Joseph, or Brigham Young, or the Apostles teach preach or Prophesy or perform any official act but what I have recorded it in my Journals unless some other persons were recording the same, and I could not feel Easy untill I had accomplished it. I have written more sacred History of the teaching of the prophets & Apostles & official acts of the Latter day Sants than would make several Testiments as large as the one Handed down to us by the Ancient Apostles I have kept a Journal of almost Evry day of my life since I have been a member of this Church. By refering to my Journals I could tell Each day what I have done, the company I have been in, and what was transpiring around me, and any council and Teaching From the Presidency or Twelve Except whare I know there were reporters recording the same. I have urged this same course upon the Twelve & the other Quorums of the Church to keep a record of there meetings & the dealings of God with them and for all men who bear the Holy Pristhood to keep a record of their lives or Esspecially of there official Acts in the Church and kingdom of God. Some may say this is a great deal of trouble But we should not call any thing trouble which brings to pass good. I consider that portion of my life which has been spent in keeping Journals & writing History to have been vary profitably spent.
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    I tell you in the name of Jesus Christ that if you do not repent in this place God will bring upon you his Judgments. I say this as an Apostle of Jesus Christ I feel impressed By the spirit of God to say to the people of this place that if they do not spedily repent of there sins & turn unto the Lord they will soon feel the judgments of God."
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    At the close of the meeting I met at the Prayer circle with President Young John Taylor W. Woodruff G. A. Smith G. Q. Cannon & Joseph F Smith, John Taylor Prayed & President Young was mouth At the close of the Prayer President Young arose from his knees took off his Apron with the intention of undressing of a sudden he stoped & Exclaimed hold on, [shall I do as I feel led? I always fell well to do as the spirit constrains me. It is my mind to Ordain Brother Joseph F Smith to the Apostleship, and to be one of my Councillors] He then called upon Each one of us for an Expression of our Feelings and we Individually responded that it met our Harty approval, we then offered up the signs of the Priesthood After which Brother Joseph F Smith knelt upon the Altar & taking off his cap we laid our hands upon him, Brother Brigham being mouth & we repeating after him in the usual Form He Said: Brother Joseph F Smith we lay our hands upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ and By virtue of the Holy Priesthood we ordain you to be An Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, And to be a special witness to the Nations of the Earth. We seal upon your head all the Authority Power & Keys of this Holy Apostle- ship, and we ordain you to be a councillor unto the First Presidency of the Church & Kingdom of God upon the Earth These Blessings we seal upon you in the name of Jesus Christ & By the Authority of the Holy Priesthood Amen
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    The Lord God has spoken concerning Zion of the last days many great & glorious things By Isaiah & many other Prophets on the continant of Asia And Also by the Prophets & And Apostles of Ancient days in America as well as in this last dispensation therefore Zion must arise and flourish for the Lord has spoken it.
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    Nauvoo Aug 28th 1844 To all the saints Elders and Saints in Europe greeting. We send our beloved brother Wilford Woodruff to England to take charge of all the business transac- tions pertaining to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints both spiritual and temporal, we wish you to give diligent heed to his council in all things and as we have not the opportunity of Informing you of what has transpired this season by letter, our beloved brother will ...
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    September 9, 1844 ~ Monday 9th Monday wind still in the north lake rough. we did not leave port but spent the day in Chicago September 10, 1844 ~ Tuesday 10th Left Chicago in the morning Passed Little Port New Port and arived at Milwakie in the morning September 11, 1844 ~ Wednesday 11th Wind still in the north we went into the river and spent the day and night September 12, 1844 ~ Thursday 12th Wind changed ...
    September 9, 1844 September 10, 1844 September 11, 1844 September 12, 1844 September 13, 1844
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    one child blessed. Elder Hedlock addressed the meeting at length upon temporal subjects followed by Elders Ward & Banks. Met again at 6 oclok in the evening Elder W. Woodruff addressed a large audiance upon the rise & progress of the church endowment of the Twelve, Death of the Prophet, organization of the church on in the U.S.A. Temple &c I had the spirit of preaching & a good time & felt much interested in my ...
    March 17, 1845 March 18, 1845
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    of the Muesuem. Among the many curiosities I had a view of the various coin for 1000 years before Christ down to the Present day among the number was were coin in the reign of the following persons containing their names on the coin and also their profile vie [viz] Pallios 1000 BC Antonius, Vespersion Ceser, Servius, Christianna, Comodus, Posthumos, Artaxus, Tragin, Domician Antonius, Gordian, Aurdian, Hiradien and Claudius Cesar, & Pius. He had quite a collection of natural History Also three and a half tons of Precious Books ...
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    A Remarkable Vision I Ann Booth wife of Robert Booth of the Town of Manchester England had the following vision on the 12th Day of March in the year of our Lord 1840. Being carried away in a vision to the place of depart ed souls I saw 12 prision one above another vary large & builded of solled stone. On ariving at the door of the uppermost prision. I beheld one of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who had been martered ...
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    first and John Westley then proceded to Baptize A man by the name of Killham the leader of the New Connection of Methodist and next John Madison & then Scott, & John Tongue, the three latter were Methodist Preachers with whom I had formerly been acquainted the next he Baptized was my Grandfather (Edmund Whitehead) & the next was my Uncle (John Whitehead) & the next was my sister (Elizabeth Olland) & next ...
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    Now in this world mankind are naturly selfish, ambitious & striving to excell one above another while yet some are willing to build up others as well as themselves so in the other world their is a variety of spirits some who seek to excell, & this was the case with the devil when he fell he sought for things which were unlawful hence he was cast down & it is said he drew away many with him & the greatness of his punishment is that he shall not have ...
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    to the poor widows of the Parish there was 26 Dwellings & a small garden to each, their was An aged widow in each appartment The youngest was 60 years of age & the oldest was 87 years they appeared quite comfort- able. We spent the night with Mr Cottom 10 miles May 7, 1845 ~ Wednesday 7th We walked to Clithero then to Chatburn I walked through the street that the Apostle Heber Kimball walked through with his hat off ...
    May 7, 1845 May 8, 1845
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    I took the coach in company with Elder Clark & rode to Manchester 35. spent about an hour with the Saints, then Elder Clayton joined us & we took the cars & rode to preston 30. whare I had a hapy interview with some of the Twelve. I spent the night in preston 65 miles The first Council of the Twelve among the Nations At a council of the Twelve held in Preston Lancashire Englang on the fourteenth of April eighteen hundred and forty ...
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    May 27 Hyrum or of Br Joseph had not altered it as for himself he would not sit upon the case another day he considered it an insult upon his office & calling as an apostle of Jesus Christ & he would not bear it as for the rest of the Twelve [they] might do as they pleased as for himself he would not do it Benjamin winchester has despised & rejected the Council of the presidency & the Twelve had said they ...