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    The greater part of the population constists of Indians and mestizos. The whites are Spanish as a rule. The Indians are superior to the Mexicans in appearance, but are indolent and non progress- ive, and no interest is taken in church or school, still, some of the Government Officials are well educated and con speak several languages. In South America are some fine countries also. The Argentine Republic is a very large country with a mild climate something like that of California, and the soil is very productive. A ...
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    Santa Fe March 4th 1891. Mr. President of Mormon Society Honourable President We the undersigned believing mormonism the only truthful & brotherly religion existing, we beg you to favour us with a copy of its doctrines & precepts & personal conditiones, in order that we may become members of the true fold. Hopeing that you will kindly favour us with a speedy reply, we have the honour dear Mr. President to inscribe ourselves. Francis Singer Thomas Laury Address: Calle Comercio 327. Santa Fe' Republica ...
    March 4, 1891