Augusta, Hancock County, Illinois

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    April 17, 1843 ~ Monday 17th I spent my time in the printing Office April 18, 1843 ~ Tuesday 18th I met in Conference with the Twelve & President J Smith not being Presant the conf erance adjourned untill next day April 19, 1843 ~ Wednesday 19th Met again in Council with the Twelve President J. Smith met with us & counciled us to take a mission in the East to obtain means to build the
    April 17, 1843 April 18, 1843 April 19, 1843 April 20, 1843 April 21, 1843 April 22, 1843 April 23, 1843
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    next week the brethren expect to go to putting on the shingles. The frame work around the foundation of the Tower is all up and the first timbers for the Tower itself was raised this day. The new stone Font is mostly cut and the first stone was laid to day at about 4 o clock. We expect in about five or six weeks the attic story of the Temple, and the Font will be all finished and ready for dedication, and just as soon as they are ready we shall dedicate them ...