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    We baptized over eighteen hundred, including all of the United Brethren save one. We bap- tized over two hundred preachers of various denominations in that part of the vineyard. A synod of church ministers became so alarm- ed for their flocks in that part of the vineyard, they petitioned Parliament to adopt measures to stop our preaching. They received for an answer, that if they were as well acquainted with the Bible as their hunting grounds, and were as much interested in the welfare of the souls of men, as the chasing of the stags and foxes, they would not lose so many of their congregations.
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    I spent most of the following day in clearing out a pool of water, and preparing it for baptizing in, as I saw many to be baptized there. I afterwards baptized six hundred in that pool of water.
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    The Home was lyted by 3 chandeliers with 12 lights in each lighthed with gass there were some 1500 people present. Mr Barrett pledged him- self to prove th Book of Mormon false & water baptism ^not^ essential to Salvation while Brother Cordon pleged himself to prove the Book of Mormon true & water baptism essential to Salvation. As Mr Barrytt arose & declyaired to the Assembly that he would prove the Book of Mormon false & water baptism not essential to Salvation 4 glass chimneys in each of the chanderliers burst
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    July 12, 1837 ~ Wednesday 12th And during the night at 2 oclock AM, uncle Ozem Woodruff & his houshold believed the fullness of the everlasting gospel & I led them fourth at the same hour of the night and baptized them for the remission of their sins, being three of them. viz Ozem Woodruff, Hannah Woodruff, & John Woodruff, their son. Glory to God in the Highest for this blessing the Lord hath given me the desires of my heart in this think thing which is in fulfillment of a vision given me in 1818 all is now fulfilled
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    The spirit of God is like leaven in the midst of these Islands of the sea. the solemnities of Eternity is resting upon the People, the word of God is like a sharp two edged sword in the hearts of men I am now preachi -ng & Baptizing almost daily. O may the Lord roll on his work amid the Islands of the sea and give me a rich harvest of souls.
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    for it is a decree of the Lord that evry tree fruit or herb bearing seed, should bring forth after its kind & cannot come forth after any other law or princi- ple. Upon the same principle do I contend that Baptism is a sign, ordained of God for the believer in Christ to take upon himself in order to enter into the kingdom of God, "for except you are born of the water & the spirit you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, saith the Savior, as It is a sign of command which God hath set for man to enter into this kingdom of God those who seek to enter in any other way will seek in vain, for God will not receive them neither will the angels acknowledge their works as accepted, for they have not taken upon themselves those ordinances & signs which God ordained for man to receive in order to receive a celestial glory, & God has decreed that all that ^who^ will not obey his voice shall not escape the damnation of hell. What is the damnation of hell, to go with that society who have not obeyed his commands. Baptism is a sign to God, to Angels to heaven that we do the will of God & their is no other way beneath the heavens whareby God hath ordained for man to come to God & any other cource is in vain. God hath decreed & ordained that man should repent of all his sins & Be Baptized for the remission of his sins then he can come to God in the name of Jesus Christ in faith, then we have the promise of the Holy Ghost
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    The sign of Peter was, to repent & be baptized for the remission of sins, with the promise of the gift of the Holy Ghost & in no other way is the gift of the Holy Ghost obtained. Their is a difference between the Holy Ghost & the gift of the Holy Ghost. Cornelius received the Holy Ghost before he was baptized which was the convincing power of God unto him of the truth of the gospel, but he could not receive the gift of the Holy Ghost untill after he was baptized, & had he not taken this sign or [or]dinances upon him the Holy Ghost which convinced him of the truth of God would have left him, untill he obeyed these ordin- ances & received the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands according to the order of God he could not have healed the sick or command an evil spirit to come out of a man & it obey him for the spirit might say to him as he did to the sons of Seava & Peter I know & Christ I know but who are ye
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    March 26, 1840 ~ Thursday 26th I walked to Stokes Lane & preached at the House of Joseph Evins & spent the night at br William Davis, & had the following Dream. I saw by night a River in which were many fish. I cast an hook & caught some of them, & while fishing I saw some large ones near shore I put the hook to their mouth they bit it & I caught them, & one vary notable one exceding all other fish that I had caught & as I was taking care of them. I saw a still larger River. It appeared like Farmington River in the U.S.A. at the Mill which my Father is tending, & on the other side of the River was a Boat to which was tied many fish lines on one hook was a fish so large that the captain of the Boat Israel Dormon by name could not bring him into the Boat, & he sailed the Boat across the River whare I was, & the fish was taken out & a Bellman was called for to divide the fish & after the Bell was rung each man took a part, & while dividing the fish, one man said to another man I saw Baptizing last night was not you Baptized. I also saw a trunk representing to have
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    notwithstanding the persecution I repared to the pool about 12 oclock at night which was surrounded by a desperate mob of the gentiles I went down into the water & Baptized 5 persons in the midst of a shower of stones flung at me by the mob. & while they were pelting my Body with stones One of which hit me in the top of my head which nearly knocked me down into the water with the man that I was Baptizing but the Lord saved me from falling & I continued
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    Their is a differance between the spirit & office of Elias & Elijah it is the spirit of Elias I wish first to speak of. And in order to come at the subject I will bring some of the testimony from the scripture & give my own, in the first place suffice it to say I went into the woods to inq wire of the Lord by prayer his will concern- ing me, & I saw an angel & he laid his hands upon my head & ordained me to be a priest after the order of Aaron & to hold the keys of this priesthood which office was to preach repentance & Baptism for the remission of Sins & also to baptise but was informed that this office did not extend to the laying on of hands for the giving of the Holy Ghost that that office was a greater work & was to be given afterwards but that my ordination was a preparetory work or a going before which was the spirit of Elias
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    their Oxen, their Horses their Tents their armour and moove towards Zion as the children of Israel accordi- ng to the command of God as follows Arose in the morning at Br Camps & breakfasted at his house after which we repaired to the bank of a stream whare Prayers were offer'd up unto God when President Marsh led a young man into the waters of baptism & he was confirmed upon the bank of the stream under the hands of Presidents Marsh Patten &
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    October 6, 1836 ~ Thursday Oct 6th Spent the day at Elder Alexanders 2 miles October 7, 1836 ~ Friday 7th Rode in company with Elder Alexander & Warren Smith & their families to Paris & Perhaps the last time that I shall visit the place From thence to Mr Jonathan Alexanders Preached at his house at candle light distane 30 m[iles] October 8, 1836 ~ Saturday 8th Rode {with Elder Alexander} to Br ...
    October 6, 1836 October 7, 1836 October 8, 1836 October 9, 1836 October 10, 1836 October 11, 1836 October 12, 1836
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    water & also with strong drink or spirits this not by commandment but from choice We then accor ding to commandment clensed our hands and feet and bore testimony unto God against the Ben- ton County mob & also against Paris & many others who had rejected our testimony We enjo yed a solumn, spiritual, & interesting Season We retired from the water in the spirit of God & spent the night for the last time at Brother Levi Taylors & ...
    October 13, 1836 October 14, 1836 October 15, 1836 October 16, 1836 October 17, 1836 October 18, 1836 October 19, 1836 October 20, 1836 October 21, 1836
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    October 22, 1836 ~ Saturday Oct 22 Preached at Br Beaty & Baptised 1 Mrs Beaty October 23, 1836 ~ Sunday 23rd Sunday Preached at Beatys & Baptised 1 his Daughter Also Ordained Brother James Beaty to the Office of a Priest he had been a Preacher of the Christian order for several years. Communed with the Sains had a spiritual time & it was the last meeting that I held in the South within the limits of the Tennesse ...
    October 22, 1836 October 23, 1836 October 24, 1836 October 25, 1836 October 26, 1836 October 27, 1836 October 28, 1836
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    December 27, 1836 ~ Tuesday Dec 27th Met at the house of the Lord at candle light with the quorum of the Seventies their was about one hundred Elders of Israel Presant of 1, 2, & 3rd Seventy it is expected the Seventies will meet every tuesday evening through the winter for the Purpose of worshiping God & sanctifying themselves before him. Elder Smoot was again taken sick December 28, 1836 ~ Wednesday to December 31, 1836 ~ Saturday 28. 29. 30 & 31st was ...
    December 27, 1836 December 28, 1836 December 31, 1836
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    I Willford Woodruff being led by the spirit visited Frooms Hill in Herefordshire ^England^ 5 miles North of Ledbury on the 5th day of March 1840 & commenced preaching the word of God unto the people & many recieved my testimony & I commenced Baptizing such as should be saved & in one month & 5 days I Baptized Mr Thomas Kington the superintendant of the Church of the United Brethren which came out of the methodist connextion & I also Baptized forty Eight ...
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    have again returned into this part of the vine yard, & Elder B. Young is with me & I expect Elder Richards soon to assist in pruning this part of the vineyard. this field that is now open is about 40 miles from Bristol 40 from Birmingham & 120 from London. I expect the church will number several hundred in this region soon. I fou nd on my return that Elder Kington had baptized 10, & ...
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    April 25, 1840 ~ Saturday 25th I spent the day & night at Moorends Cross & was quite Ill with a bad Cold April 26, 1840 ~ Sunday 26th Notwithstanding I was quite Ill I walked 5 miles to Ashfield & preached at Mr Baly's & in in the afternoon to Crowcutt & preached & Baptized 10 persons & confirmed them & Ordained Edward Philips a Priest. ^1 {family was taken [illegible ] some call ...
    April 25, 1840 April 26, 1840 April 27, 1840 April 28, 1840 April 29, 1840
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    April 30, 1840 ~ Thursday 30th I spent the day in writing at Froomes Hill 30 Friday ^Thursday^ I walked with Elder Young to Dymock & had an interview with Elders Richards & Kington & spent the night with them [FIGURES] I recieved two ^3^ Letters one from Mother Woodruff & one from G. A. Smith & one from A Cordon 12 mil May 1, 1840 ~ ...
    April 30, 1840 May 1, 1840 May 2, 1840 May 3, 1840 May 4, 1840 May 5, 1840
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    May 6, 1840 ~ Wednesday May 6th this is the dryest Spring that has been known in England for many years the ground is parched, yet all Nature is covered with verdent green while the fruit trees sends forth their sweet purfumes from the smi leing Blossoms {with} which theire are clothed I Baptized 5 persons at the Bower & con firmed them then preached at Duns Close & walked to taperdin at Mr Smith & Baptized & confirmed 4 making 9 Baptized ...
    May 6, 1840 May 7, 1840 May 8, 1840 May 9, 1840