Bradford, Penobscot County, Maine

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    Part of Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

    we safely accomplished amid the re- flection that time and tide waited for no man. April 4—Mr. Kent, the post mas- ter, showed me a letter containing two sheets of foolscap, signed by Warren Parrish and several of the Twelve, who had apostatized and been cut off from the Church. The communica- tion was full of slander and falsehoods against Joseph Smith and all that stood by him. It was sent with the intention of ...
    April 4, 1838 April 11, 1838 April 28, 1838 May 7, 1838 May 11, 1838
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 1

    nothing but powder they were harmless. The Baptist and Methodist joined the mob, ^originated got up^ and tried to stir up the people and lied about us more than proved for their benefit. Mr Douglass the methodist priest on the South Island ^when argument found him^ applyed to the ^to all the^ magistrates for a warrants against me for a lie bill for overthrowing his doctrin but ^they refused to grant them as he had no^ their was not a magistrate ...
    February 13, 1838 March 8, 1838 March 22, 1838 April 4, 1838 April 11, 1838 April 17, 1838 April 28, 1838 May 7, 1838 May 11, 1838