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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1843 – December 31, 1844)

    we traveled 7 miles & stoped for the night September 20, 1844 ~ Friday 20th We passed through the locks slowly. I spent the day in perusing an interesting work entitled "Narrative & recollections of Van Demans Land During a three years captivity of Stephen S Wright together with an account of the battle of Prescot in which he was taken prisioner; his imprisonment in Cannda; Trial, Condemnation and transportation to Australia. His terrible sufferings in the british Penal colony of Van Demands ...
    September 20, 1844
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    Part of Letter from Harriet Woodruff, 29 March 1893

    within a few days pneumonia set in & her heart soon failed to heal. It is indeed a hard blow to all of of us especially Uncle Chandler. He is about heart- broken over the loss but is trying to be as brave as possible. I had planned to go to end work next week. But death makes great changes & so shall remain here with Uncle until he decides what to do. Cousin Ann wishes to be remembered to you and say ...