Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

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  • Page 144

    Part of Journal (January 1, 1843 – December 31, 1844)

    I then visited Bunker Hill monument which is one of the most splendid colums in the world I enter the tub & was drawn up by steem 220 feet whare I had a view of All Boston Charleston, Cambridge, Chelsea &c I was carried down by steem the same as I went up I Bought a Book & paid 37 1/2 ct & 20 for going up. I went on to the embankment & aat ...
    September 23, 1843
  • Page 202

    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    was 76 Seventy six years, and 3 three days old this day that I baptized him, I have now baptized my Father Woodruff & Father in law Carter this is a great consolation to my soul, Father Ezra Carter sen was the son of Ezra Carter 84 years old, who was the son of Daniel Carter who was the son of Ezekiel Carter, His Mothers Name was Phebe Whitemore the ...
    March 23, 1849 March 24, 1849 March 25, 1849 March 26, 1849 March 27, 1849 March 28, 1849 March 29, 1849
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    Part of Autobiography Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine 1883-84

    AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. [Column 1] it was for the gospel's sake and did not choose to complain. The next day a walk of thirty miles brought us to Scar- boro, where we spent the night at Father Carter's. On the 8th of May I parted with Mrs. Woodruff and Father Carter and family, and in company with Milton Holmes walked thirty-three miles towards
    May 8, 1838 May 11, 1838 May 18, 1838 June 12, 1838