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    I wish you to understand this subject for it is important & if you will recieve it this is the spirit of Elijah that we redeem our dead & connect ourselves with our fathers which are in heaven & seal up our dead to come forth in the first resurrection & here we want the power of Elijah to seal those who dwell on earth to those which dwell in heaven this is the power of Elijah & the keys
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    The world opposes the principle of Revelation And does not wish man to obtain knowledge in that way, but what Earthly Father that feels interested in the welfare of his children but what desires to teach his children & reveal to them the knowledge He possesses And would feel interested in there Advancement so with the Lord He gives gifts & knowledge
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    yes wives & children were left in this way to the mercy of God And the brethren And went away with cheerful hearts Believing that they were doing the will of God And while casting my eyes upon them I considered I was viewing the first Battalion of the Army of Israel engaged in the United States service for one year And going to lay the foundation of A far greater work even preparing the way for the building of Zion.
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    the greatest warfare is with ourselves if we can gain a victory with ourselves so as to have peace with ourselves our wives & childn we shall do well.
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    I am like the rest of you that when the light of truth shines upon me my mind enlightened and I am asstonished to look at the world of mankind their actions are like little Children you look at your children about the House & you will see pe[r]fect pattern of the world
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    what is there here in this valley that should hendor this people from being happy I am happy because I do not fret about any thing that I cannot do. I wont fret about any thing what henders your praying & praising God No body but your own selves if you are seeking to weed your neighbors garden you will have business enough. but this is a happy people I wish they would prize their blessings. You have not got to mourn as did the Ancients because their children would Apostitise turn from God & be cursed Our children will not Apostitze they will not have time but will have all they can do to perform the work of God as it rolls upon them to prepare the kingdom for the coming of Christ gather up the Nations &c Then be happy & do the things required of you
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    March 1st 1849 This is my Birth Day Also the first day of the spring of 1849. I am 42 years old this day, how such figures look to A man while counting up his years. As the Lord has preserved me through another year of my life, I Pray my Heavenly Father to keep me safe through the year which I am now Entering. O God the Eternal Father I ask the in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ, & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood to preserve me blameless through this year of my life life which I am now Entering. Keep me from evry temptation, from Entangling my feet with sin, let the Holy Ghost be my constant compa nion & teach me my duty in all things. Give me favor in thy sight O Lord & in the sight of thy Son Jesus Christ, in the sight of Angels And in the sight of All Prophets, Apostles, Patriarchs, & Saints both in Heaven, & on Earth. Preserve my wife & children in safety & all appartaining unto me. Bless thy servant Brigham His council, the Twelve, seventies High Priest, with all the saints of the Most High God in all the Earth. Bless the seed of Abraham, And gather them Home. Favor Zion, O Lord, Break in peaces every weapon formed against her. I Ask all these Blessings with all others which thou seest I need in the Name of Jesus Christ & by virtue of the Holy Priesthood Amen
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    Elijah is spoken of in the Bible that he should come in the last days to sta turn the hearts of the fathers to the children & the children to their fathers, the fulfillment of this scripture is manifest in esstablishing the kingdom of God & Priesthood on the earth in the last days & those who hold the keys of the priesthood & sealing power have the spirit & power of Elijah & it is necessary in order to redeem our dead & save our children
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    When our children are called to go hence. when our children are taken from us who have not Jeperdized their chances of Salvation, we have reason to rejoice instead of mourning. I knew this young lad, he was a fine boy and as far as he had grown up he manifested the finest traits of character. he is now locked up whare he is safe and sure of salvation Is not this a comfort?
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    President Young ^He^ spoke followed upon Prayer said when any one Prayed all should close their Eyes and be united and all ask for the same thing that the speaker asks for without this we cannot get the Blessing And all parents should do the same in their family Prayer & learn their children to do the same or they cannot get what they ask for
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    their Oxen, their Horses their Tents their armour and moove towards Zion as the children of Israel accordi- ng to the command of God as follows Arose in the morning at Br Camps & breakfasted at his house after which we repaired to the bank of a stream whare Prayers were offer'd up unto God when President Marsh led a young man into the waters of baptism & he was confirmed upon the bank of the stream under the hands of Presidents Marsh Patten &
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    worse in any sickness, was thankful that my wife & children was not with me to share in such sufferings, the sun is plesent today we have still west head winds & rough sea. Their has been some fears that several children would die on board being vary sick, we got together & prayed the Lord to have mercy upon us all & spare the lives of our company, & the sick began to amend truly we have perils by sea as well as by land [FIGURE] Two ...
    April 27, 1841 April 28, 1841
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    surge be hurled with all their force into the births of the men, women, & children which would endanger the lives of all on seeing the foundation of this mass give way Elder W. Richards & myself sprang to this place of danger & braced ourselves against the barrels & held them for a few moments untill it was a little secured I then went on deck to the Captain & informed him of the situation of things below & he sent the sailors with some ropes & secured ...
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    apostates in this Church they never scease to try to hurt me, they have got the same spirit the devil had, you cannot save them, they make open war like the devil, stay all that hear, dont make any hasty mooves you may be saved, if a spirit of Bitterness is in you, dont be in haste, Say you that man is a sinner, well if he repents he shall be forgiven. I could go back and trace evry subject of interest concerning the relationship of man to God if i had time, their is many mansions in my ...
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    PHEBE W. CARTER's PATRIARCHAL Blessing Receieved 10th NOV. AD 1836 At a blessing meeting held in the Lords house in Kirtland Ohio on the 10th day of NOV AD 1836 Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the Church of Latter Day Saints confered a blessing upon the head of Phebe W Carter born in Scarborough, Cumberland County, state of Main the 8th of March 1807. Sister in the name of Jesus of Nazareth and by ...
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    Willford Woodruff & Phebe. W. Carter was joined in Marriage April 13th A.D. 1837 rather than complain thou must put thy whole trust in God. ^thou art of the blood of Ephraim^ thou shalt have a celestial crown. Thou shalt have a residence in Zion and do a great work, there Thou shalt sew the Vail of the Temple and rejoice in the work of thy hands. If thou wilt keep the comm andments thou shalt have all of thy friends they shall be members of the covenant. I ...
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    June 12, 1837 ~ Monday June 12th I took the parting hand with Elders Page & Blakesley & many other saints & travled in company with 6 other brethren to the branch of church in leeds distance 30 miles We met together in the evening at Brother Carnes & bore testimony to the work in which we are ingaged Elders John Goodson, H. Hale M Holmes & John Snider followed each other in testimony I then followed ...
    June 12, 1837 June 13, 1837 June 14, 1837 June 15, 1837 June 16, 1837
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    May 28, 1844 ~ Tuesday 28th We rode to Kalamazoo the finest town we saw since we left Nauvoo, the improvements are after the eastern fashion, from thence to Comstock a small village we turned to the right to cross a logway about a mile long through a ceder swamp our nigh horse stept between two polls & sunk in the mire & fell we laboured hard to get him out for near 15 minutes we had fears he would break his leg ...
    May 28, 1844 May 29, 1844
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    August 20, 1844 ~ Tuesday 20th I spent the day at home writing August 21, 1844 ~ Wednesday 21st I met in council with the Twelve by the request of Elder Lyman Wight as he wished some council, but he was sick and could not attend so the council dispersed. In the afternoon Elders B. Young H. C. Kimball W. Richards and J. Taylor each in company with his Lady except sister
    August 20, 1844 August 21, 1844 August 22, 1844 August 23, 1844
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    23rd [FIGURE] I met with the quorum of the Twelve in council, a little time or some of them. I visited Emma Smith the widow of the prophet she let me have a peace of oak for a Staff [FIGURE] out of the [FIGURE] coffin of the Prophet Joseph who was inhumanly martered in Carthage Ill in company with his brother Hiram. Emma also let me have a Pair of gloves composed of white cotton and Mrs