Chloe Estella Robison Abbott

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    Auckland New Zealand July 14 1893 Presidents W. Woodruff and Counselors Salt Lake City, Utah. U. S. A. Dear Brethren, Elders J. M. Hendry, J. M. Hixson, J. G. Nelson and Ewd. Atkins having performed a good faithful mission in this land have been honorably released and will leave tomorrow per "S. S. Monowai" for Zion. [sideways text] ^2 more Elders^ [end of sideways text] In addition to the ...
    July 14, 1893
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    ward officiating he living with his wife as such up to the time of his leaving home. He says that the President of the Temple, ^or whom he supposed, to be,^ advised this course after he (Abbott) had related to him all the particulars of the case. He says also that "the Bishop of his ward and Henry Clark of Richfield were both cognizant of the circumstances." I asked him if Bp Pratt knew ...