Delilah Adaline Akeman Gibbs

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    Part of Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

    Saints, and had lately moved here, depending upon his gun mostly for his living. It was sixty miles to a house on the north, and twelve miles on the south. He and his family were living in a small old log hut, about twelve feet square, and one bed in the room, upon which lay his wife, several children and three young dogs. He lay stretched out upon the bare floor, with his feet to a small fire. There was no door to the house, but a rag- ged quilt ...
    January 24, 1835
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 1

    as he could each jump. I told him not to be frightened as we were travellers & friends & did not wish to hurt him but wished to stop with him him over night, when he came to his senses we as he gave us permission to stop with him till morning if we would take the bare floor as he did then we excepted, we asked for something to eat as we had walked 60 miles with[out] eating a morsel of food. He said he had nothing for us said that hed had got to kill ...