Deptford, London, Middlesex, England

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  • Page 166

    Part of Journal (January 1, 1840 – December 31, 1840)

    walking in the Street we steped up to him & spoke to him though It was the first time we had ever seen him. Br Kimball asked him if he was a preachedr he said he was he seemed to have a good spirit his name was Manning he had Been to America he was a native of Gloucestershire had come to London for the purpose of going to South Australia But he was now in trouble he had Just Buried one Child ...
    August 29, 1840 August 30, 1840
  • Page 22

    Part of Journal (January 1, 1841 – December 31, 1842)

    Sister Album sent us ^[FIGURE]^ two loaves of bread and a lump of Butter. -[Elder Kimball & myself]- bought each of our wives A Muslin DeLain Dress I also boug- ht one of the same kind for Sister Eunice Woodruff all three of the Dresses or the pattern was exactly alik we {paid} 5 {sterling [apiece?] [2 illegible words] the summer dress} Also bought a foot rool rule a pair of nut cracks & twesers of Mrs Algood. We ...
    February 5, 1841
  • Page 41

    Part of Autobiography Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine 1883-84

    AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. [Column 1] heard, and they wished him to speak to them again. He did so and addressed them at considerable length, and after- ward several invited him home to their houses. While he was away a man who had been a preacher came to Mr. Corner's; I gave him a brief account of the great work of God in the last days and they received the things which I spake unto them. Mr. Corner offered himself for baptism. This was the ...
    August 31, 1840 September 2, 1840 September 6, 1840 September 9, 1840