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    We repaired to the water whare the Spirit of God & the solemnities of of Eternity rested upon us While administering the ordinance of Baptism. It was A scene that caused rejoicing in both heaven & Earth to view 3 men lead their wives into the same element whare our Saviour had lain to obey the mandates of heaven
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    I spoke a few moments upon the power & influence of the spirit & work of God in heaven & on Earth. In heaven the Lord had power over Lucipher son of the Morning & on Earth the Lord has power over the devil & so has his servants when they have the spirit of God in them and if a man does his Duty his house will be a house of salvation. All men the righteous & wicked that come beneath his roof will feel the influence of the spirit that reigns in that house.
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    The spirit of industry which has ever characterized the saints of the Most High God has been brought to bear with wonderful effect upon the burning & Arid desert. The Next time that you encounter The hardships privation & toil of A Journey over the plains & mountains you will meet with a vary different reception from what attended your first arival Here Friends will greet your Arival and the products of the Earth will administer to your comfort.
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    And they are full of Alarm concerning the doings of Congress it has become A hotbed of political warfare and most all parties are looking for the exploding of the union the war spirit is increasing in the hearts of the people And deep judgment awaits the people nation, the hearts of men are failing them for fear of those things that are coming on the Earth, the Lord has said that in his fury he would vex the Nation And He is about to fulfill it.
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    P. P. Pratt preached his funeral sermon & spoke much to our edifycation tracing the state of man from his birth to his deth at which period of his life he would be transplanted in a field whare he could act in a far wider sphere than he could do in this life
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    Thus ends the Time & labour of another half centaury AD 1850 Yes Eighteen hundeed & fifty has gone to make anoth[er] link in the great chain of this Earth probation. It has been an important year in many respects the revolutions & changes & signs of the times among the Nations of the Earth indicate the fulfillment of the word of God & the preparation for the coming of the son of Man. It has been a year of blessings upon Zion & her children. The Lord hath preserved my life to lead one of the camps of Israel out of the midst of the gentiles to mingle with their Brethren in Zion now building up cities in the rich vallies of the mountains of Israel. The Saints have been abundantly prospered & blessed during this year in all they have put their hands unto some thousands have emigrated this year to Zion from the States
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    many have arisen in these last days professing to be Elijah the prophet but they have bro- ught forth Nothing of interest to the people will any one tell me what the office of Elijah the prophet was to be to the Earth when he come the answer is to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers & the fathers to the children lest I come & smite the whole Earth with a curse the answer
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    B Young addressed the meeting in an interesting manner said his faith was that the Earth would not have produced for the Gentiles as it has for us & if we had faith & power with God to have the curse taken off instead of the sage brush & other useless shrubs we should have the apple pear peach grape & evry good fruit but if this people do not take a different course from what they do in some things their blessings will prove a curse & wo will be unto them
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    I went home to my family & found them all well and we found on our return the Lord had given our crops a plenty of rain it had rained 12 days in succession and the people were blessed.
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    I should be glad to live to see the day when their should not be a Kingdom or government on Earth ownly that ordained of God
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    hand & not ownly the hieroglyphicks but also many figures of the that this precious treasure contains are calculated to make a lasting impression upon the mind which is not to be erased many other important views I was Privileged with in the upper story the school rooms, belfry &C. all indicating great architecture & wisdom we then spent some time in visiting the Bank & Printing office But wonder on wonder strikes my sense to look into the casket of the great work of Israels God in these last Days as the ...
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    The before mentioned is an account of the most conspicuous part of my Procedings during the year of 1836 which has gone into eternity with its report as the year before it hath done & as the one following & all others must do. O time how swift & how precious thou art. How great the events that are bourn upon thy wings, esspecially in the dispensation of the fullness of times. 1836 is gone it cannot be recalled. Europe hath began to tremble at thy departure. The
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    are not willing to bear the scoffs of the world any longer unnessarily had we told openly & talked openly of the things of God that have & will come to pass our blood would have been shed we should not have been here this day. But we hid ourselves up in secret, there we talked wept, & prayed & the Angels Administered unto us & the spirit of God was with us & the heavens opened unto us, but we should now have been in our grave had we ...
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    made in his image and talked with him, walked with him. In order to understand the dead for the consolation of those that mourn, I want you to understand God and how he comes to be God. We suppose that God was God from eternity, I will refute that Idea, or I will do away or take away the veil so you may see. It is the first principle to know that we may convers with him and that he once was man like us, and the Father was once on ...
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    The sun in the east arose to gladden earth & shed oe'r nature his pleaseing beams to wellc ome the return of delightful spri ng that drearry winter might be forgotten. No day more pleas ing than April thirteenth 1837 While all nature smiled without friendships purest joys were felt beneath a prophets roof whare the brides and bri desgroom found a welcome reception. While by law with the nuptial cord their hands were bound their congenial hearts in one, lay cemented bearing the seal of Eternal life. Their friendship formed from principle pure, virtue unsuled ...
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    thee and reveal unto thee thy duty yea and give unto the[e] many instructions. Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^ Thou ...
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    Willford Woodruff & Phebe. W. Carter was joined in Marriage April 13th A.D. 1837 rather than complain thou must put thy whole trust in God. ^thou art of the blood of Ephraim^ thou shalt have a celestial crown. Thou shalt have a residence in Zion and do a great work, there Thou shalt sew the Vail of the Temple and rejoice in the work of thy hands. If thou wilt keep the comm andments thou shalt have all of thy friends they shall be members of the covenant. I ...
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    untill God has given ^thee^ the desires of thy heart in seeing the Keys of the Kingdom of God held in the hands of thy Posterity so planted in the earth that they shall never be taken from it untill he reigns whose right it is to reign. Let thy heart be comforted in the midst of thy sorrow, for thou shalt be had in honorable remem berance forever in the congregations of the righteous thou shalt be remembered in thy wants during the remainder of thy day, and when thou art ...
    August 24, 1844
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    It is true you have been called to suffer much in the cause in which you are engaged but if Judgment bgins at the house of God, babylon will not escape and if their is a fire in a green tree a dry tree will not escape the fire, and their is no people more prepared for the shok that is coming on the earth than than the latter day Saints, for the object we have is to secure blessings beyound the veil in the first resurr- ection this ^is wh[a]t^ we are ...
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    And the Hills fall down & vallies are exhalted then for brass the Lord will bring gold for Iron silver for stones Iron &c, then you will have no use for gold, for money & gods as you now have but the Lord will think as much of it then as now. Let us have some of your gold to take to Nauvoo to make a temple & Nauvoo, House so that when the Kings Princes & Nobles of the earth call at ...