Fabius, Onondaga County, New York

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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    April 1st 1834 I went with Brother Hatton to meet Brother Pulsipher and several other brethren and sisters at Brother Newcomes house in Fabius we had an interesti ng meeting. the spirit of the Lord was with us we returned home rejoiceing we soon was visited by Brother Harry Brown elder and Brother James Blakesly Priest they held two meetings with us & we were much edefied ...
    April 1, 1834
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    Part of Autobiography 1858 Deseret News

    THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. No. 18. FILLMORE CITY, WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1858. VOL. VIII. [Column 1] HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. (FROM HIS OWN PEN.) IN tracing the history of my fathers, I find it difficult to obtain a satisfactory account of the Woodruff family for more than three gen- erations. My great grandfather, Josiah Woodruff, lived nearly one hundred years, and possessed an iron constitution and performed a great amount of manual labor nearly up to the time of his death ...
    December 29, 1833 January 2, 1834 February 1, 1834 April 11, 1834 April 25, 1834 May 1, 1834 May 7, 1834 November 5, 1834 January 13, 1835 January 18, 1835 January 19, 1835
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    Part of Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

    Elder, and a small Branch organized of twelve members, by Elder Pulsi- pher. In February following, in company with Elder Holton, I walked some sixty miles to the town of Fabius, to attend an evening meeting of the Saints in that place, where Elder Pul- sipher was presiding. I saw the book of commandments or revelations given through Joseph Smith, and I believed them with all my heart, and rejoiced therein; and after spending several days ...
    February 1, 1834 April 11, 1834 April 25, 1834 May 1, 1834 May 7, 1834 November 5, 1834
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 1

    ^Had authority^ to administer in the ordinances of the House of the Lord but believed that it was our privilege through faith, prayer, & fasting to heal the sick, & cast out devils by the laying on of hands which was the case under his administration as numbers could testify. I was living in this state of mind & in this faith & belief looking for the coming forth of the Church of Christ when I heard of what was called Mormonism. In 1832 I was loudly called upon by the spirit of the Lord to go to ...
    December 29, 1833 December 31, 1833 January 2, 1834 February 1, 1834
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 2

    when we met, we both told our impressions, and it caused us to wonder and marvel and wonder, what the Lord wanted of us in Rhode Island; but as we had made preparations to move to the West, we let outward circumstances control us, and Jonah-like, instead of going to Rhode Island, we went to Richland, Oswego Co., New York, and there remained until the 29th day of Dec., ^29,^ 1833, before ^when^ I heard Elder Zerah Pulsiper and