Galion, Crawford County, Ohio

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    The principal towns villages and distance from Richland, N Y. to Kirtland Ohio and to Liberty Clay Co Missouri which road I traveled in 1834 comme nsing the 11th day of Aprail From Richland = to Oswego 20 miles = Oswego to Rochester 70 = Rochester = Leroy 25 = Leroy = Batavia 10 = Batavia to Buffalo 39 from Buffalo to Cataragua 30 = Cataragua = Freedona ...
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    of the Lord that the plague shall be staid from this hour & there shall not be another case of it and the Brethren covenaneted with uplifted to hands to keep the commands of God & to obey the council of the prophet & the plage was stayed from that hour there was not another case of it among the saints. Brother Lyman Wight had taken a Job of work of Col Arthur to make him 100000 Brick & to build him a House. I commenced work for Brother Wight about the first ...
    January 1, 1834 July 1, 1834 July 7, 1834 July 9, 1834