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    Will this gentile generation still sleep in this late hour, if so sleep on & take thy rest which is short for thy end is come, & the day hath broke that Israel must be awoke from his slumber for the last time & Prepare himself for the Bridegroom. Then let 1837 finish its work with speed & let its departure Say who hath gone to the tomb & what Kingdom overturned & what Kingdom esstablished & may God grant that 1837 may report as she departs that zion & her stakes indicates that God rules in her midst with POWER STRENGTH & GLORY.
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    Meeting opened at 2 oclok PM at the Council Block. Meeting opened by prayer by O. Pratt who also remarked that we had suffered by the gentiles a long time; but had now gone out of there midst & hoped we should rest for a season from there grasp. had rather suffer the fatigues of this wilderness journey and live on game than suffer by mobs. would rather fall into the hands of God than a mob as God is more merciful. I have heard the prophet say that God could not controle the wicked at all times and let them act upon their agency without operating upon them as a machine. I am contented whare I am but should be more so if we had an abundanc of the necessaries of life, the mob at last have had courage after gathering & threatning for about 6 years to come against the Saints in Nauvoo from one thousand to twelve hundred men had came against one hundred of the Saints and have a pitched battle, but the Saints went out to battle in the name of God & their ene- mies were defeated.
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    B Young addressed the meeting in an interesting manner said his faith was that the Earth would not have produced for the Gentiles as it has for us & if we had faith & power with God to have the curse taken off instead of the sage brush & other useless shrubs we should have the apple pear peach grape & evry good fruit but if this people do not take a different course from what they do in some things their blessings will prove a curse & wo will be unto them
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    Br Whipple followed me & made some vary good remarks And edeyfying He said notwithstanding the Jews had Apostitized the right of the kingdom belonged to them & Jesus came & set up the kingdom among them they rejected it He took the kingdom from the Jews gave it to the Gentile all that were in the kingdom went to the gentiles with the Kingdom of God. The Gentiles in like manner have Apostitized And have not continued in the goodness of God still they have A rightt to have the kingdom of God set up among them in the last days And Joseph Smith being warned & commanded of God has recieved the gospel from the hand of an Angel, preached it to the gentiles set up the kingdom for the last time among them they have rejected it, it will now again be taken from them & given to the Jews & all in the kingdom will go to the Jews with it & many will come from E. W. N. S. & sidt down with A[b]ram &c while the ^gentiles^ children of the Kingdom will be cast out
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    Christ Came in the meridian of time to Esstablish the gospel & Kingdom of God upon the Earth. He organized the Church, chose Twelve Apostles also Seventies & set the Church in order with all the gifts graces and blessings. He administered the ordinances of the gospel, wrought many miracles and finished the work He was sent to do. But Jesus Christ with all the saints had to contend with the world the flesh and the devel & Jew & Gentile and the world overcome them and put them to death and the Church
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    I attended a missionary Party at the social Hall at 5 oclok there were about 70 couple present it was much the best party I ever attended there was much of the spirit of the Lord resting upon the company all the Presid- ency & O Hyde W. Woodruff J. Taylor G. A. Smith Lorenzo Snow Erastus Snow & G Q Cannon of the Twelve present I never saw President Young feel Better. He gave a short address He said the gentile chain was broaken & they would never put their yoke again upon the neck of the saints or church & Kingdom of God to all Eternity if we would do our duty
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    there was much of the spirit & power of God rested upon President Young through the day and also upon the people. While walking with President Young I said Brother Young you feel well today and I am glad of it and I thank God that I have lived to see the day when the leader of the Church & kingdom of God fee is inspired to take the stand you have to day and the Lord will sustain you in it and I am satisfied that there is asome great Event at hand which will Effect Both Zion & Baybylon Presidet Young said "yes there is, and I am moved upon to take Just such a step as I do and I shall not take any other I feel as though the Lord stood by me & sayes punch the gentiles give it to them and I will stand by you"
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    When you have parties in this House dont admit drunken men into it. another principle I wish to speak of if the Bishop wishes to invite a Gentile in dont let the people complain about it for when a Gentile comes in here and the priesthood rules the Gentiles can do no hurt, But Let an Elder or any latter Day Saints go & attend a party among the Gentiles whare they reign and it is vary different that would be rong. We should never bow down to the wicked we should never descend but asscend & try to Elevate others to our standard
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    He said that the word Gentiles did not apply to Every body out of the Church it applyed to those who were rebellious against God & his gospel there were many honorable men of the Earth who were not in the Church it did not apply to.
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    October 22, 1845 ~ Wednesday 22 [FIGURES] I recieved 4 letters & wrote 3 I sent one letter to Elder Dan Jones containing the first copies of the Proclamation of the Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles. I ordered Twenty thousand to be printed in English the first copy came to me to day which I immediately sent to Capt Dan Jones to be published in the welch language this is the proclamation to All the Kings of world & rulers & people of All nations may the Lord make it a blessings to All nations This Proclamation is made by the Twelve Apostles in fulfillment of the Revelation & commandments of God see Doctrins & Covenants sections CIII, 1 paragraph Math 22 ch 5 vers. This is A warning to the whole gentile world that they may be left without excuse in the day of Gods Judgments upon the nations I thank God that I am an instrument in his hands of printing & circulating this important Proclamation through Britain & Europe
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    The before mentioned is an account of the most conspicuous part of my Procedings during the year of 1836 which has gone into eternity with its report as the year before it hath done & as the one following & all others must do. O time how swift & how precious thou art. How great the events that are bourn upon thy wings, esspecially in the dispensation of the fullness of times. 1836 is gone it cannot be recalled. Europe hath began to tremble at thy departure. The
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    23rd [FIGURE] I met with the quorum of the Twelve in council, a little time or some of them. I visited Emma Smith the widow of the prophet she let me have a peace of oak for a Staff [FIGURE] out of the [FIGURE] coffin of the Prophet Joseph who was inhumanly martered in Carthage Ill in company with his brother Hiram. Emma also let me have a Pair of gloves composed of white cotton and Mrs
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    The following blessing was proclaimed upon the head of Mother Lucy Smith (the Mother of the prophet seer and Revelator Joseph and his brethren) on the 23rd day of August 1844 under the hands of Elder Wilford Woodruff of the quorum of the Twelve Beloved Mother in Israel according to your request I lay my hands upon your head, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and the [FIGURES] [keys] of the kingdom of God to bestow a ...
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    the day of their visitation. This was evident ly the case in the Days of Noah, of Lot--, of Cyrus of the Days of Jesus Christ before the overthrow of Jerrusalem & the dispersion of the Jews, among all the gentile nations whare they have remained Deprived of the privileges of the land of their fathers untill the present day. We are informed it will be in like manner at the Coming of the Son of Man ...
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    some means whareby they can devise some means secure unto themselves, dollars & cents, Pounds shillings & pence, & eartly dominion & power, but in the midst of this mighty struggle, there is a small portion of the community among the nations of the earth, who are looking upon other singns of this present generation as indicating a day big with events, even the restoration of pri- mitive Christianity, the proclamation of the ful- ness of the Everlasting gospel among all natio- ns both Gentile & Jew, the restoration of the Jews to ...
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    The first Book of Willford When in the course of human events has there ever been a more important period than at the present day and age of the world. It is at once beneficial and instructive to the reflecting mind to review the past with candour and rightly consider the present and be in perfect readiness for that which is to come. Whare is the Son or dau ghter of Adam who hath a standing in this day and generation that is walking in the light and truth as it is in ...
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    We Baptized one in the evening. I perused the London Weekly Dispatch, which gave an account of the wreck of the Packer Ship Garrick of Sandy Hook. Elders Kimble & O Hide, crossed the Atlantic twice in her when they first came to Eng & returned, her tonage was 1010, was a new ship, the paper also spoak of the bad state of affairs in America esspecially in the money market, the Banks being rotten at the core February 7 ...
    February 7, 1841 February 8, 1841
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    imprisionment of Mr M C. Cleod a British Officer in Lockport Jail by the Inhabitants of the state of New York who are trying him for Arson & Murder & are determined to execute him if found guilty this accusation is for the Burning of the Caroline on lake Erie in 1837 during the troubles in Canida England considers it a national & not an individ- ual affair & that Mr MCCleod acted in those transactions by order of ...
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    March 26, 1837 ~ Sunday March 26th Sunday communed with the saints in the fore part of the day. In the latter part, Elder W. Parrish Preached the funeral sermon of Sister Pratt the wife of Elder P. P. Pratt one of the twelve who died March 25th 1837 March 27, 1837 ~ Monday March 27th I signed $50 fifty Dollars for the building of the house of the Lord in Zion the subscription list was in the hands of ...
    March 26, 1837 March 27, 1837 April 2, 1837
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    Amen. & Amen. & Hosanna. Hosanna. Hosanna. to GOD & the LAMB. Amen. Amen. & Amen. This was repeated as it is written & if ever a shout entered the cabinet of heaven that did & was repeated by angels on high & caused the power of God to rest upon us. (O, ye Priest of Baal. O, ye Gentile religionest O. ye inha bitants of Babylon possessing the mark of the beast what knowledge have ye of the ordinances or blessings or virtues of the