gift of the Holy Ghost

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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    Jan. 2nd 1834 To the Book of Mormon. I believed it was light out of darkness and truth out of the ground. The license which I receieved reads thus. A Power and authority given to Willford Woodruff provi ng that he is a Teacher in the Church of Christ by the will of God the Father according to his holy Calling and the gift ^& power^ of the Holy ghost agreeable to the Revelations of Jesus Christ ...
    January 2, 1834
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    Part of History – Book of Revelations 1838-1842

    On the doctrin's of faith Faith comes by hearing the word of God through the testimony of the Servents of God that Testimony is alw- ays attended by the spirit of prophecy & revelation. Repentance Is a thing that cannot be trifled with every day. Daily transgression & daily repentance is not that which is pleasing in the sight of God [FIGURE] Baptism Is a Holy ordinance preparatory to the reception of the Holy Ghost,; It is the channel & key by which the Holy Ghost will be administered. The
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1860 – October 22, 1865)

    Jan 1, 1861 The Dedication of the New Hall in the 13 ward The assembly began to gather at 10 oclok at 11 oclok the House was full. President Brigham Young & Heber C Kimball arived the meeting was opened by singing & President Young said we will now have the Dedication Prayer offered By Wilford Woodruff the following is the prayer offered up in the dedication of the House O god the FaEternal Father we present ourselves before thee in the name ...