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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1845 – December 31, 1846)

    January 13, 1845 ~ Monday 13th Monday I spent the day in writing I wrote [FIGURES] 6 Letters to send to our friends in Nauvoo by the ship that was going over un to the following persons B Young H. C. Kimball J. Taylor G. A. Smith D. Webster & John Benbow. Also Mrs Woodruff wrote one Letter to W Woodruff Jr ...
    January 13, 1845 January 14, 1845 January 15, 1845
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1854 – December 31, 1859)

    A Saviour which is Christ the Lord" This is the Saviour born in Bethlehem of Judea. He said one cause of his ^why I^ taking this tex[t] was ^is^ that a school teacher in Great Salt Lake City asked her whole school if they would tell her whare Jesus was born born & not one of them could tell her it is true they were mostly small schollars but there was one almost a man grown & he could not tell. I think there is a neglect among ...