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    As to politics I care but little about the Presidential Chair. I would not give half as much for the office as I would for the one I now hold, but as the world have used the power of Goverment to oppress & persecute us it is right for us to use it for the protection of our rights.
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    Good and righteous men will administer justice & rebuke evil & the church should be clensed from bad men & the Lord will take his own way to clens the Church, we should lift up our voice against wickedness of all kinds, but will the rulers of our land do it no they will not, they will be cowards untill their is no man to fight & then be brave when goverment will not do it some man should take the helm of government that will do it, will it be called treason if the God of heaven should set up a kingdom, may the Lord give you more & more of his spirit light & intelligence untill you are cemented together in union & love Amen
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    President Young arose & said I wish to say a few words upon Principle I desire the brethren and sisters to be taught in all things necessary. There is one thing I want you to realize and that is that God, Angels, & Saints Heaven and all of Gods creation are governed by law and I want the Camp of Israel to understand that we must be and if Heaven was not controlled by law what for a place would it be I would not wish to be there for were we rushed into Heaven without law evry man would be in danger of loosing his rights & having them trampeld upon but all celestial beings are governed by law & perfect order yea the celestial law is a perfect order of things a perfect system of light, law, intelligence exhaltation & glory where evry persons rights are sustained to the fulest extent
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    August 30, 1846 ~ Sunday [FIGURE] 30th Sunday I met at the place of meeting with the 12 & church. Elder Kimbal addressed the Meeting I followed him. Elder Young followed & gave many principles of interest. said we must have exp- erience if we had done right & known how to have Magnifyed the Priesthood we should not have been driven from Jackson County but must have experiec in order to be prepared to govern the kingdom of God
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    President Young there addressed the meeting And said that it was an Eternal Principle that before God would chose A man to rule any part of his kingdom he must first learn to be ruled And that the Lord was preparing A people for that purpose & fifty years would not pass away before many who are now present will each rule over many more than what I do this day
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    February 4, 1851 ~ Tuesday 4th ^[FIGURE]^ According to adjournment the Legislature met today to transact business for the state I spent the day with them An ordinance was passed granting a liberal charter to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints protecting them in their religious rights. During the pasage of this ordinance many interest ing remarks were made by the president or Govournor of the state He says we do not want the church to pass laws to punish crime ownly to try members on church fellowship if the members shall transgress the laws of the Land turn them over to the Laws of the Land but we want to protect the church in their right of worship & so we will evry other sect that comes here when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ will they all be members of the Church of Jesus Christ & obey the gospel
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    I should be glad to live to see the day when their should not be a Kingdom or government on Earth ownly that ordained of God
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    the Lord will govern the helm of the States & Nations for the final good of the world & to his honor & glory & for the benefit of the Saints
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    B Young followed & said if the people will be on the Temple ground to morrow at 11 oclok we will break the ground for the commencement of the foundation of the Temple. I do not believe that Enoch & his people eincreased in wrighteousnes faith & obedience & improved any faster than this people have since the commencement of this Kingdom I said this in the days of Joseph I have no doubt but God expects us to improve more than any other people that ever lived on the Earth then let us double our dilligence & let the parents both men & women never scease untill they govern themselves in all things and if we are tempted to do wrong never scease untill we conquor that spirit & bring it in subjection under your feet that you may ere long become rulers Kings & Priest unto God
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    I Also filled A sheet of letter paper to the Historian of the Church on the signs of the times. I spoke of forwarding the Herald to him, made An extract from my Journal concerning the leading features of the signs of the times of 1848. Spoke of the revolutions of France, Jermany Prusia, Austria Russia, the fall of the papal crown & power, the restorati[o] n of the Jews, opening the way for the spread of the gospel, progress of the work in the British Isles, the situation of the American Gover[n] ment, foundation for dissolving the Union, the blindness of the people And increase of crime. I closed by making An address concern[ing] Zion in the following words
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    June 8, 1837 ~ Thursday June 8th We took the steemboat at 8 oclock at Kingstons mills to go up the canal we passed through a swamp of about 12 miles in length which abounded with fir such as muskrat, auter beaver, &c. from Brewers mills We passed through Crambary marsh to Jones's falls where the boat passed through four locks which were built by the British government & supposed to be the most splended works in America they cost four ...
    June 8, 1837 June 9, 1837 June 10, 1837
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    9 Priests, 11 Teachers & 5 Deacons this with some other business composed the business of the day. meeting closed & we retired to our places of abode in peace I accompanied several of my brethren to Elder Stodards whare we spent the night distance of the day 8 miles June 11, 1837 ~ Sunday June 11th I was called upon to address the conference in the forepart of the Day it was with peculiar feelings that I arose to address a large congregation of saints raised up in another nation under ...
    June 11, 1837
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    of your visitation the work is beginning to be seen by the Saints, when J. C. Bennet went forth to try to destroy the Saints. A little company of us went before God and asked him to take away his power, and it fell like lightning from Heaven we asked for Duncan not to be Govornor he was not but he is now dead and damned. We asked for Reynolds to be taken away, he soon shot himself & went to Hell. Carlin is dead and so ...
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    by all the Saints, but by the whole congregation of citizens that attended, good order prevailed through the whole conference. Attention kindness and civility was manifest by all who were present (Geo A Smith. President) (Asa Manchester. Clerk) At the close of the conference Elders Charles C Rich David Fulmer & Henry Jacobs arived dire[c]t from Nauvoo & spent the night with us May 20, 1844 ~ Monday 20th [FIGURE] I wrote ...
    May 20, 1844
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    for more than 1,000 miles was inundated by water which has prooved vary destruct- ive to all that country, & many parts that the water could not reach Insects have help destroy there has also been great losses sustained in oth[e]r parts of that land by storm, hail & fire, & in additions to many other events in America 1840 has brought a change of Politicks through out that nation which will of course make a revolution in Government Affairs in many respe[c]ts. Wars & rumours of wars are among the signs ...
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    An Account of a Dream of the late Dr Phillip Doddridge After some conversation with Dr Clark of St Alb[an]s who had been conversing in the evening upon the nature of the seperate orgeal state & the probability that the scenes on which the soul would enter on its first leaving the body would have some resemblance to those with which it had been conversent while on earth that it might by Degrees be prepared for the more sublime happiness of the Heavenly Kingdom, this ...
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    Sister Album sent us ^[FIGURE]^ two loaves of bread and a lump of Butter. -[Elder Kimball & myself]- bought each of our wives A Muslin DeLain Dress I also boug- ht one of the same kind for Sister Eunice Woodruff all three of the Dresses or the pattern was exactly alik we {paid} 5 {sterling apiece [half] the summer dress} Also bought a foot rool rule a pair of nut cracks & twesers of Mrs Algood. We walked to ...
    February 5, 1841
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    imprisionment of Mr M C. Cleod a British Officer in Lockport Jail by the Inhabitants of the state of New York who are trying him for Arson & Murder & are determined to execute him if found guilty this accusation is for the Burning of the Caroline on lake Erie in 1837 during the troubles in Canida England considers it a national & not an individ- ual affair & that Mr MCCleod acted in those transactions by order of ...
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    turned a Deaf ear to their cries. O America it is because of these things that thou art weighed in the balance & found wanting. from this time forth perplexity shall rest upon the nation, confusion reign in thy government, wisdom righteousness & truth will depart from thy senators & rulers, Discord & folly shall shall sit in thy congress & senate, thy shame shall be known among the nations of the Earth thy pride shall be humbled in the dust & thy haughtiness laid low, the heads of thy ...
    February 13, 1841
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    6th Resolved that George A Smith be ordained to the place of Thomas B Marsh as one of the twelve ^acknowled[ged] as one of the Twelve Apostles^ 7th Resolved that this conference are entirely satisfied with and do give their sanction to the procedings of the conference of the Twelve and their friends held on the Temple spot at Far West Missouri on friday the 26th of April last. 8th Resolved that we also sanction the act of the council held same date at same place ...