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    The whole distance of the three days walks above spoken of is 136 miles making 45 miles pr day Excell this ye who can & not be weary in body or lame in limb or joint & it will be because you are assisted by higher power than man {Limit a Nephite's journey.}
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    O how much strength & wisdom I nead in the midst of so much labour, but surely the Lord does give me grace according to my Day for which I feel vary thankful.
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    O how much strength & wisdom I nead in the midst of so much labour, but surely the Lord does give me grace according to my Day for which I feel vary thankful. I am informed this day that the Ministers of the Church of England are holding meetings & councils to petition Parliment to Stop my preaching & to cause our religion to scease out of the land, but may the Lord order all things aright I pray.
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    I want the saints to adorn themselves first their hearts with faith & grace then their bodies with the workmanship of their own hands if it is silk & satin all the better it will show your art
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    [gr]ace [page torn] for grace. when Brother Joseph received the Priesthood he did not recived all at once, but he was a prophet Seer & Revela[tor] [page torn] before he recieved the fulness of the Priesthood & keys of the kingd[om] [page torn] he first recieved the Aronick Priesthood & Keys from under the hand of John the Baptisk. He then had not power to lay on hands to confirm the Church but afterwards he recieved the Patriarchal or Melchisidick Priesthood from under the hands of Peter James & John who were of the Twelve Apostles & were the Presidency when the other Apostl[es] were absent, from those Apostles Joseph Smith recieved every key [FIGURE] power, blessing, & Privilege of the highest authority of the Melchezedick Priesthood ever committed to man on the earth
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    when we consider how little time we have to spend in this life in comparison to Eternity we ou[gh]t not to consider it a hard matter to be faithful to God & keep his commandments for when we obtain Celestial glory we shall have to exclaim that it is through the grace of God after all, for the glory far exceeds our sufferings in this life.
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    I do not know that I have spent one Moment to reflect whether I should be saved or not. I know that I am serving a God that will do right & He has given me a work to do And I ask God to Give me Grace and wisdom to perform it & I leave all Events in his hands. He then read the word of wisdom & said this people never saw the day that they were willing for God to rule over us in all things there is not one in a thousand willing for it.
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    March 1st 1854 This is my birth day I am 47 years old this day so my days, months, years, & life is passing away I thank my Heavenly Father that it has been preserved so long I pray that I may have grace according to my day I pray that the spirit of God may abide with me & keep my footsteps in the paths of virtue, integrity, & Holiness all the days of my life and that I may have favor in the sight of God & his servants
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    if the Church continues to go from grace to grace and from faith to faith it will soon lack no good gift and as the Lord is the same in time and in eternity yesterday to day & forever if we as saints are pure before him what Enoch saw we can see what Moses did we can do what Peter had we can have what the saints endured, we can endure and what the righteous receieve we shall receieve. Glorious prospect What Joy to come O I wan[t] a world of words— a univers of praise & an eternity of gratitude to thank the Lord for what he has done and will do for those who love and serve him faithfully unto the end
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    I know of a truth that the Lord is giving to his Church yea to the Church of Latter Day Saints the gifts blessings & grace that the Ancients possesed yea he hath esstablished in his Church in these last days Prophets Apostles Evangel[i]st[s] pastors, Teachers &c. & the signs follow the believers as they did anciently
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    {[On] the [illegible] of Sister Martha Barker who desired to return back thinking it after all too great to leave her friends. I immediately set before her the danger of returning to Babylon and encouraged her and she became reconciled and continued her journey.} I rode with them this first days travel as far as the south fork of Mayfield whare we all camped for the night After pitching our tents & taking supper I assembled this small camp of Israel together at Br Albert Pettys tent to ...
    September 20, 1836 September 21, 1836
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    June 26, 1837 ~ Monday June 26th I Took the parting hand with the saints in the Canaan Branch & walked to New Marlborough Berkshire County, Mass. in company with Elders J. H. Hale & D. Stillman. We preached at night in the schoolhouse spent the night at Mr Dan Nortons distance 4 miles June 27, 1837 ~ Tuesday 27th Walked to Mr Charles. D. Palmers Preached at night in the schoolhouse in the South Parish. Spent the night at ...
    June 26, 1837 June 27, 1837 June 28, 1837
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    from Europe according to their desire under the direction and council of Elder Wilford Woodruff. And further we would say unto all the Saints in all the world that may be visited by Elder Wilford Woodruff that inasmuch as they will harken unto his council they shall be blessed, inasmuch as they will render him any assistance in his mission they will be doing the will of God and shall not loose their reward, And we desire that all saints may use their efforts to sustain him in this important mission ...
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    March 1st 1801 My parents both father and mother were born and bred in the town of Farmington Connecticut. My father Aphek Woodruff was the Son of Eldad Woodruff. My mother Bulah Thompson was the daughter of Lot Thompson all of the town of Farmington C.t. I was born in the north part of the town of Farmington which is now called Avon March 1st 1807. From the age of 14 to 23 my mind ...
    March 1, 1801 March 1, 1807
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    Moved by Br R Williams, seconded by Elder Pitt that Br John Sheffield be Ordained Teacher at Bedford Carried unanimously Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Br Griffiths that Br A. Painter be ordained a Teacher at Woolwich Carried unanimously The Above named persons were then ordained under the hands of Elders Kimball Woodruff & Snow Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Elder Woodruff that ...
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    The third Book of Willford for 1837 O Lord I ask thee in the name of Jesus Christ thy Son, to look upon thy servant Willford, who now occupies a place in Kirtland, this first stake of zion, which thou hast appointed in this last dispensation, & fulness of times for the gather- ing of thy Saints. O God of Israel, inspire the heart & pen of thy servant at this time, & hear & answer the Petition which he will ...
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    PREFACE My parents were born and bred in the town of Farmington Hartford County Connecticut My father Aphek Woodruff was the son of Eldad Woodruff My mother Bulah Thompson was the daughter of Lot Thompson all of Farmington Cont The occupation of my father was a miller from his youth. I was born in the north part of the town of Farmington (now called Avon) Hartford County Connecticut on the 1st of March AD 1807. I was the third son of my father and ...
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    January 8, 1841 ~ Friday 8th [FIGURE] I received one letter from Br Griffiths & Elder Kimball 2, one from Elder Young who informed us that the two Brethren who went from Longton Lancashire to Nauvoo to spy out the land had returned & was strong in the faith. This is the coldest day & night that London has seen for two winters & it is also so smokey I cannot see but few yards but as smokey & cold ...
    January 8, 1841 January 9, 1841 January 10, 1841
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    I thought of their [illegible] company But Susan most I thought of thee 5 When I the streets of towns perade And gaze upon proud Britons maids With sparkling eyes and silken hair With rosy cheeks and bosoms fair Methinks they have no chairms for me For Susan yet I think on thee 6 When wafted by the power of steam Through landscapes fair and meadows green Through wide spread fields of waving grain Mid wood land hills or on the plain Though swift I fly and fair my view Yet ...
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    Aug 8th 1844 [FIGURE] All the authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in and about Nauvoo met in a special conference in the grove in Nauvoo at 3 oclock. The quorum of the Twelve, Councillors S. Rigdon & A Lyman, the High Council, and others occupied the Stand, the High Priest, quorum, & quorum of the Seventies and Elders, Pishops Priests Teachers & deacons appeared in their several quorums and took their seats and also a vast ...