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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    in the name of JESUS CHRIST & that the Lord Would give me great Power, Knowledg, & wisdom & faith so that I should heal the sick caus the Blind the lame to leap as an heart. the Deaf to hear stop the mouths of Lions & rase the dead to life & waft myself (as did Philip) from River to river from sea to sea & from con tinant to continant for the ...
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    Part of Autobiography Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine Chapter 2

    128 TULLIDGE'S QUARTERLY MAGAZINE. myself. Under these circumstances, Brother Taylor advised me to continue my journey with Brother Coltrin, and make the best of my way to New York. After committing Elder Taylor into the hands of the Lord, though painful to me, I gave him the parting hand and started. I left him in Germantown, Wayne County, Indiana, in the hands of a merciful God and a kind and benevo- lent family, who promised to do ever- thing in their power ...
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