Hudson River, New York

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1841 – December 31, 1842)

    time I have had the honour of officiating at a marriage ceremony. this was at the house of Elder J.W. Latson's in the presence of the quorum of the Twelve. Br & Sister Irskine lost a child this day which was buried May 23, 1841 ~ Sunday 23rd Sunday I met in council with the Twelve in the morning I called upon Br IF Carter who accompanied his Mother in Law to our place of meeting in the National Hall Canal Street at ...
    May 23, 1841 May 24, 1841 May 25, 1841 May 26, 1841 May 27, 1841
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 2

    with the intention of breaking up the work upon these islands, but it did not accomplish it. 11th, I was visited by Elders Townsend and Milton Holmes, who attended conferences with me upon both islands, and bore their testimony to the people, but the spirit of opposition increased to a great height. I was warned by the spirit ^of the Lord^ to leave for a season, and take a western mission; after visiting the saints from house ...