James Worsley

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    Bondage as the Children of Israel in Egypt I find that Elder Richards has had a hard school to pass through since he has been in England. I see that we have a great work to perform & we have need of much faith & humility before God January 15, 1840 ~ Wednesday 15th I dined at Brother Worselys & suped at Sister Dawsons & sp at Elder Richards. We Spent a plesant evening ...
    January 15, 1840 January 16, 1840
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    Moved & Carried that Elders Thomas Kington, Alfred Cordon, & Thomas Smith be ordained High Priest And John Albiston, be orda John Blezard, William Berry, John Sanders, John Parkinson, James Worsley, & John Allen be ordained—Elders & Joseph Slinger George Walker John Smith Robert Williams. William Black