Jedediah William Ashton

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    (FORM 85.) 12—14—86—1000. Utah Central Railway. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE. JOHN SHARP, Superintendent. Salt Lake City, U. T., Oct. 19th 1887 Prest. W. Woodruff Salt Lake City Dear Brother I beg to hand you herewith a letter from Bro. G. G. Bywater, master mechanic Utah Central Railway, which is respectfully submitted for your information. If it would not be inconsistent with your arrangements, we would consider it an accommodation, if Bro. Ashton could be honorably released from his mission for the present ...
    October 19, 1887
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    Form 74 4—21—87—500. UTAH CENTRAL RAILWAY COMPANY. MASTER MECHANIC'S OFFICE. Salt Lake City, Oct 18th 1887. 188 John Sharp Esqr Genl Supt U. C. Ry. Dear Sir: In consequence of the disableing of 3 of our Locomotives. It will require an increase in our mechanical force to repair the damages done and which must be done to performe the service our winter Freight traffic will require. It is difficult to secure the services of competent mechanics. Incompetent men we do not need. And what is going to work greater hardship ...