Job Parkhurst

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    Ours As Brothers that his People should not steal from our People if any of them did let him know it And He would Punish them And stop it. the Brethren told him they did not want his men to steal from the calafornians for we were at peace with them. Walker replyed my men {[illegible]} hate the spanyards And will steal from them And I cannot help it Brothers Daniel Browett, Allen And Cox were all killed by A Band of Diggers in ...
    January 25, 1849 January 26, 1849 January 27, 1849 January 28, 1849 January 29, 1849
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    Part of Letter from Orson Hyde, 4 February 1850

    Kanesville February 4th 1850 Bro Woodruff Dear Sir I herewith send you an account of Some Subscribers in the east, and the terms of their subscription which I wish you on your travels to see to, if you can. Isaiah W. Taylor Lym Mass 1 Year Paid subscription ont Thomas Proctor Marble Head 1 " " " " Gilbert Manchester New Bedford due from him $1.00 Daniel P. Baldwin Cambridge Port Subscription and three papers over M ...
    February 4, 1850