John Anderson

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    Part of Letter from Nelson A. Empey, 5 November 1891

    Salt Lake City November 5th1891 Pres. W. Woodruff, Dear Bro, Bro. John Anderson has recent- ly received a notice to go upon a mission but desires us to state his circumstances. He is in debt at present and is working upon the Temple where he receives tithing pay for his labor He says that if he could convert his tithing pay into money he could be prepared to go about the 1st of April This brother is not as yet an American citizen
    November 5, 1891
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    Part of Journal (February 1880 – December 1885)

    July 9, 1881 ~ Saturday July 9, 1881 I spent most of the day at work on the barn July 10, 1881 ~ Sunday 10. Sunday I took cars and rode to Ogden to attend the Young mens mutual quarterly conference I stoped with F D Richards I met with the People at 10 oclok A Few rem- arks made By the councillor Alonzo Herrett President West & 1 councellor absent. Wm Jackson gave a lecture on faith,
    July 9, 1881 July 10, 1881 July 11, 1881 July 12, 1881 July 13, 1881 July 14, 1881 July 15, 1881 July 16, 1881