Kanesville, Pottawattamie County, Iowa

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    Part of Journal (January 1854 – December 1859)

    my children to follow. I will teach those things which we ought to do to day. I have preached this doctrin from the begining the first time I ever preached was to tell the people the duties of to day. now if you had all the gold in the world what would you do would you go to calafornia No but go to & build up Zion. You may say their is no calafornia here we have no gold, but it is not gold that is going to bui[l]d up Zion though we shall use a ...
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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1847 – December 31, 1853)

    Council concerning the organization of Potawatame County & herd documents read from several members of Ioway City directed to the inhabitants of that county concerning political & other matters there were speaches made pro and con & finally answers were given to the effect that we felt disposed to let politics take their own course And find there own level we spent the night at Council Point H C. Kimball & myself lodged together ...
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