Levon S. Abraham

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    OFFICE OF The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. P.O. Box B. Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 7, 1897. Beloved Brethren and Sisters in Turkey: We have lately received a number of letters from various brethren addressed to Bro. Lefvon S. Abraham. In these letters a number of questions are sprung concerning your condition and also asking about a future opportunity of gathering to some place in your own land. First, we learn that the different branches of the ...
    September 7, 1897
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    Be sure we will do all we can for you, you are of us; we are all one body in Christ; we have one Lord; we all drink at the same fountain; we are all looking for redemption through the only name given under heaven whence comes salvation. Now that our faith is one and our hope the same, let us seek to be filled with the love of God. Let us always seek profitable conversations, leaving mysteries alone. Read the scriptures dfor they are profitable to us for instruction. And more particularly let us seek for the possession ...