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    December 3rd found my wife very low. I spent the day in taking care of her, and the following day I returned to Eaton to get some things for her. She seemed to be gradually sink- ing and in the evening her spirit apparently left her body, and she was dead. The sisters gathered around her body, weeping, while I stood looking at her in sorrow. The spirit and power of God began to rest upon me until, for the first time during her sick- ness faith filled my soul, although she lay before me as one dead. I had some oil that was consecrated for my anointing while in Kirtland. I took it and consecrated it again before the Lord for anointing the sick. I then bowed down before the Lord and prayed for the life of my companion, and I anointed her body with the oil in the name of the Lord. I laid my hands upon her, and in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuked the power of death and the destroyer, and commanded the
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    Let this Society teach now to act towards husbands to treat them with mildness & affect- ion. When men is borne down with trouble when he is perplexed, if he can meet a smile, an argument, if he can meet with mildness it will calm down his soul & soothe his feel- ings, when the mind is going to despair it needs a solace.
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    When you go home never give a cross word, but let kindness charity & love, crown your works hence forward. dont envy sinners, have mercy on them, God will destroy them Let your labors be mostly confined to those around you in your own circle; as far as knowledge is concerned, it may extend to all the world, but your administrations should be confined to the circle of your immediate accquaintance, & more especially to the members of the Society.
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    June 25, 1843 ~ Sunday 25 June Sunday I attended meeting at 10 clock in the morning & Brother Lyman wight (who had Just returned from a mission in the east) arose & addressed the meeting at full length from the 13 ch of 1st Corinth dwelt largely upon Charity show- ing what Charity was that it was far greater than faith & hope. He took grounds to prove that Charity consisted in doing that for others which they could not do for them- selves for instance Jesus Christ died to Redeem the world, the world could not Redeem itself this is Charity, if our fore fathers & Mothers & kindred have died without the gospel, & we embrace the gospel in our day & generation & can redeem our relatives By being Baptized for them they being dead that they may have part in the first resurrection, should we do this it would be Charity
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    November 28, 1839 ~ Thursday 28th I spent the day at Mr Tiltons & the night, & had a dream while upon my bed and [FIGURE] in my Dream I saw Mrs Woodruff & notwithstanding we rejoiced much at having an interview with each other yet our embraces were mixed with sorrow for after conversing
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    Phebe's letter was Dated July 18th 1840 The following is an extract My Dear Willford, what will be your feelings, when I say that yesterday I was called to witness the depar- ture of our little Sarah Emma from this world, yes she is gone the relentless hand of death has snatched her from my embrace - but Ah! she was two lovely to kind, to affectionate, to live in this wicked world when looking on her I have often thought how I should feel to part with her. I thought I could not live without her esspecially in the Absence of my companion. but she has gone the Lord hath taken her home to himself for some wise purpose. It is a trial to me, but the Lord hath stood by me in a wonderful manner I can see & feel & that he has taken her home & will take better care of her than I possibly could for a little while untill I shall go & meet her yes Willford we have one little Angel in heaven & I think it likely her spirit has visited you before this time. It is hard living without her she used to call her poor Pa-Pa & putty pa-pa many times in a day she left a kiss for her pa-pa with me just before she died.
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    Joseph the Seer arose & read a chapter in the New Testiment containing the parable of the vine & its branches & explained it much to our edif- ication & said "if we kept the commandments of God we should bring forth fruit & be the friends of God & know what our Lord did, "Some say Joseph is a fallen Prophet because he does not bring forth more of the word of the Lord" "why does he not do it "are we able to receive it No (says he) not one in this room, He then chastized us for our wickedness & unbelief knowing that whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth & scourgeth evry son & daughter whom He receiveth & if we do not receive chastizement then are we bastards & not sons.
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    prove himself worthy & show to his brethren & to God that he loves the cause & by his passive spirit that he is not ownly willing that others should should prosper & gain influence & that he actually loves to see them prosper for then he does all that he can through hims[e]- lf, he helps advance it through others although they recieve the honor of it and he still be aware of it such a man will never be forgotten and to his honor glory and exhaltation there shall be no end.
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    let us have compassion on others as we wish God to have compassion
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    If the Lord had given all men all they have asked for they would many of them been out of the Church now I have herd many say I have Asked the Lord to reveal certain principls unto me & He did not do it but this is because it was not wisdom to give it unto you but if you are faithful the day will come when God will give any man what he asks for if he asks for it in righteousness. I believe the Lord loves this people & is preparing us to recieve all good things
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    worse in any sickness, was thankful that my wife & children was not with me to share in such sufferings, the sun is plesent today we have still west head winds & rough sea. Their has been some fears that several children would die on board being vary sick, we got together & prayed the Lord to have mercy upon us all & spare the lives of our company, & the sick began to amend truly we have perils by sea as well as by land [FIGURE] Two ...
    April 27, 1841 April 28, 1841
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    The sun in the east arose to gladden earth & shed oe'r nature his pleaseing beams to wellc ome the return of delightful spri ng that drearry winter might be forgotten. No day more pleas ing than April thirteenth 1837 While all nature smiled without friendships purest joys were felt beneath a prophets roof whare the brides and bri desgroom found a welcome reception. While by law with the nuptial cord their hands were bound their congenial hearts in one, lay cemented bearing the seal of Eternal life. Their friendship formed from principle pure ...
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    from Europe according to their desire under the direction and council of Elder Wilford Woodruff. And further we would say unto all the Saints in all the world that may be visited by Elder Wilford Woodruff that inasmuch as they will harken unto his council they shall be blessed, inasmuch as they will render him any assistance in his mission they will be doing the will of God and shall not loose their reward, And we desire that all saints may use their efforts to sustain him in this important mission ...
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    when a man is chastized he gets angry & will not endure it. The reason we do not have the secrets of the Lord revealed unto us is because we do not keep them but reveal them, we do not keep our own secrets but reveal our difficulties to the world even to our enemies then how would we keep the secrets of the Lord Joseph says I can keep a secret till dooms day. He spoke of love what greater love hath any man than that he ...
    December 20, 1841 December 24, 1841 December 25, 1841
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    January 1, 1842 ~ Saturday JANuary 1st, 1842 I spent this NEW YEARS DAY in company with the quorum of the Twelve & with our wives in the city of Nauvoo at Br S. Stodard's it was an interesting day unto us to once more assemble to a feast with our quorum & our families in a city of the Saints in the midst of peace & love we more highly prized this privilege as we are called to be seperate so much while in ...
    January 1, 1842 January 2, 1842
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    greatly inferior to this in Eligance, the reason the guide gave him was plainly suggested by the conversation of the contrast that the scenes first presented to him were contrived on purpose to bear a near resemblance to those he had been accustomed to on earth that he might be more easily & gradually prepared for the glories which would open upon him hereafter and which would at first view quite dazzle & overpower him by this time they were come up to the palace & the guide [taketh] him led ...
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    he would repeat his visit & that in the mean time he would find enough to employ his thoughts in reflecting on what had passed and contem- plating the objects around him as soon as our Lord withdrew & his mind was more composed he observed the room was hung around with pictures & examineing more attentively he discoverd to his great surprised that they contained the history of his own life the most remarkable seenes he had passed through these represented in a most lively manner it may esily be imagined ...
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    & the love of Christ we returned with Brother Foster & spent the night. Mr Willcox of the city of Phelidelphia offers to open his doors for the saints & wishes them to come & warn that people also. Elder Eligah Fordham resides in New York City Cherry Street No 327 May 21, 1838 ~ Monday May 21st I wrote a letter to the saints upon the Islands directed to Brother Nathaniel Thomas we dined with Brother
    May 21, 1838 May 22, 1838 May 23, 1838 May 24, 1838 May 25, 1838
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    March 23, 1837 ~ Thursday March 23rd I repaired to the house of the Lord at an early hour in the morning to spend the day in prayer and fasting with the saints in Kirtland, as this was a day set apart for that purpose. Immediately after entering the house in com pany with several other Elders, I went within the veil and we bowed down before the Lord in the aronic stand & offer'd a morning sacrifice, & the Spirit of God rested ...
    March 23, 1837
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    up friends & deliverd him from their hands or in other words brought them all together to Nauvloo Nauvoo & it was truly a regoiceing time to the Saints to see him again Reynolds & Wilson were both taken with a writ for fals imprisionment though their intention was to have taken Joseph Smith's life by taken him to Missouri to be destroyed yet Joseph Smith heaped cowles of fire upon their head by treating ...