Mary Anderton

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    Henefer April 1, 1898 Pres Wilford Woodruff Dear Bro- I have this day seen the Date Palm as you desired me. It is about 4 feet from the soil to the top of the plant, when the leaves are straightened up, it has 3 large leaves, and another will be out in a few days, the leaves are nearly two feet across, it stands in a half Barrel. I think about a 25 gal barrel cut in two, and appears to be quite healthy. Mrs Anderton trimed some of the lower ...
    April 1, 1898
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    for it. I have described the Palm to you, as I am not posted in the cash value. I will be pleased to do any thing I can in forwarding, same should you purchase. With kindest regards. I am Your Bro in the Gosple John Paskett Bishop of Henefer. Please note. Mrs Anderton is not a member of the Church J. P. ...