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    On the 24th, while in the swamps, I had an attack of the rheumatism and could not travel fast. My companion, br. Brown, had got in a hurry, and wished to return to his family in Kirtland, and as I could not travel as fast as he wished, we parted. He left me sitting on a log in the mud and water; I was lame and un- able to walk, without food, and twelve miles from the nearest house on the road; he went out of sight in great haste. I then knelt down in the water and prayed to the Lord to heal me. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon me, and I was healed; the pain left me; I arose and went my way. Whenever I met with one or more families, I preached and bore testimony to them.
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    July 22—I was with Prest. Joseph Smith and his council and the Twelve: it was a day of God's power with the Prophet. He healed many who were sick nigh unto death, among whom were Elijah Fordham and Joseph B. Nobles; even the wicked rabble followed to see the sick healed. As Joseph was about to cross the river a man came to him and asked him if he would go about three miles and heal two of his small children, who were twins, about three months old, and were sick nigh unto death. He was a man of the world; he had never heard a sermon preached by a Latter- day Saint. Joseph said he could not go, but he would send a man. After hesitating a mo- ment, he turned to me and said, "You go with this man and heal his children"—at the same time giving me a red silk handkerchief, and said, "After you lay hands upon them, wipe their faces with it, and they shall be healed; and as long as you will keep that handkerchief it shall ever remain as a league between you and me." I went and did as I was command- ed, and the children were healed.
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    We baptized over eighteen hundred, including all of the United Brethren save one. We bap- tized over two hundred preachers of various denominations in that part of the vineyard. A synod of church ministers became so alarm- ed for their flocks in that part of the vineyard, they petitioned Parliament to adopt measures to stop our preaching. They received for an answer, that if they were as well acquainted with the Bible as their hunting grounds, and were as much interested in the welfare of the souls of men, as the chasing of the stags and foxes, they would not lose so many of their congregations.
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    Who can comprehend the joy, the glory, the happiness and consolation that an Elder of Israel feels in being an instrument in the hands of God of bringing his father, mother, sister, brother, or any of the posterity of Adam through the door that enters into life and salvation? No man can, unless he has experienced these things, and possesses the testimony of Jesus Christ and the inspiration of Almighty God. 3
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    We started about sunrise and crossed a thirty mile prairie, apparently as level as a house floor, without shrub or water. We arrived at timber about two o'clock in the afternoon. As we approached the timber a large black bear came out towards us. We were not afraid of him, for we were on the Lord's business, and had not mocked God's prophets as did the forty- two wicked children who said to Elisha "Go up thou bald head," for which they were torn by bears. When the bear got within eight rods of us he sat on his haunches and looked at us a moment, and then ran away; and we went on our way rejoicing. We had to travel in the night, which was cloudy and very dark, so we had great difficulty to keep the road. Soon a large drove of wolves gathered around, and followed us. They came very close, and at times it seemed as though they would eat us up. We had materials for striking alight, and at ten o'clock, not knowing where we were, and the wolves becoming so bold, we thought it wisdom to make a fire; so we stopped and gathered a lot of oak limbs that lay on the ground, and lit them, and as our fire began to burn the wolves left us.
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    I felt impressed by the Spirit of God to take a mission to the Fox Islands, situated east of the Maine shore, a country I knew nothing about. I made my feelings known to the Apostles, and they advised me to go. Feeling that it was my duty to go upon this mission, I did not tarry at home one year after having married a wife, as the law of Moses would have allowed. On the contrary, I started just one month and one day after that important event, leav- ing my wife with Sister Hale, with whom she expected to stay for a season.
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    I spent most of the following day in clearing out a pool of water, and preparing it for baptizing in, as I saw many to be baptized there. I afterwards baptized six hundred in that pool of water.
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    As I have received the good and the evil, the fruits of obedience and disobedience, I think I am justified in exhorting all my young friends to always obey the whisperings of the Spirit of God, and they will always be safe. The Spirit of God will rule over and guide all men who will permit it and seek for it, and this is especially necessary for young Elders who are laboring in the vineyard of the Lord. For the Lord knows where the righteous, honest and meek of the earth are, and will lead the Elders to them
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    I was but a Teacher, and it is not a Teacher's office to go abroad and preach. I dared not tell any of the authorities of the Church that I wanted to preach, lest they might think I was seeking for an office. I went into the woods where no one could see me, and I prayed to the Lord to open my way so that I could go and preach the gospel. While I was praying, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and told me my prayer was heard and that my request should be granted. I felt very happy, and got up and walked out of the woods into the traveled road, and there I met a High Priest who had lived in the same house with me some six months. He had not said a word to me about preaching the gospel; but now, as soon as I met him, he said, "the Lord has revealed to me that it is your privilege to be ordained, and to go and preach the gospel.”
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    I had rather hear brethren appear small th[an] large I had rather see a man hold his brother up than pull him down. Preach what will save men the same that converted you will convert them.
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    November 26, 1836 ~ Saturday Nov 26th I visited President & Doct Cowdery at the Printing office & made a general settlement with them for the M[essenger] & Advocate for the subscribers of the South I gave 9 new subscribers to them & Paid them $41.50 for the M & Advocate which setteled all matters between us. I receieved some counsel from Presidents Smith & Rigdon to Elder Parrishe's house & spent the day in writing November 27, 1836 ~ Sunday ...
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    Farmington Oct. 1st. Dear Sister As Willford has reserved for me a page to fill, I will now cheerfully (tho’ in something of a hurry) seat myself to pen you a few lines. I recieved your Letter at the hands of my brother and was truly glad to hear from you, was sorry however to hear of the ill state of your health as also that of your family, but how it will soon be improved. Wilford as you are aware is quite unwell, and we feel as you write, much anxiety respecting ...
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    the officers & members & to the whole Congregation consisting of about seven hundred people, A large fragmen[t] was left for some who were not present, while the cake was passing P. P. Pratt composed the following lines When in far Distant regions As strangers we roam Far away from our Country Our friends and our home When sinking in sorrow Fresh courage we'll take As we think on our friends And remember the CAKE Elder O Hide appealed powerfully to the meeting & covenanted with the ...
    April 7, 1841
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    thee and reveal unto thee thy duty yea and give unto the[e] many instructions. Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^ Thou ...
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    May 29, 1837 ~ Monday May 29th I met in the house of the Lord to attend an important conference or meeting of the high councel to attend to some important business of the Church let memory speak upon this subject two {of the presidency} two {of the Twelve and} one {of the seventy were stood before the Council for aggressing} It was considered not {lawful to} try {the president} before the high Councel but before the Bishop the Presidents withdrew the council closed without transacting business ...
    May 29, 1837 May 30, 1837 May 31, 1837
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    June 21, 1837 ~ Wednesday June 21st rode to Elder G Smith's distance 6 miles June 22, 1837 ~ Thursday 22nd Returned to Brother Benedict from thence to I walked in company with Francis K Benedict jr to beach hill in Colebrook, Litchfield County Conn here I had the happy privilege of again embracing my Sister Eunice Woodruff face to face we saluted each other with a harty shake of the hand {and a kiss} ...
    June 21, 1837 June 22, 1837 June 23, 1837 June 24, 1837 June 25, 1837
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    May 7th I had an interview with Elder Whittaker he assisted me to pile some wood in the suller. It was a hard rainy day Sister Barbara Neff spent the day with us May 8, 1844 ~ Wednesday 8th I spent the day in company with Mrs Woodruff in the garding garden weeding May 9, 1844 ~ Thursday May 9th 1844 I arose in the morning and aranged some domestic affairs & was ...
    May 8, 1844 May 9, 1844 May 10, 1844
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    followed by Elder. Z. Coltrin, And in the Afternoon by Elder G. A. Smith, followed by Elders D. Fulmer S. Bent. & C. C. Rich, all of which ably set forth the first principles of the gosepl of Christ, & delivered their testimony (attended with the spirit & power of God) unto the audiance who sat in silence manifesting great interest and attention. At the close of the meeting that warmth of friendship, & ^feeling of^ kindness of that ...
    June 3, 1844
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    The Saints assembled in the afternoon and was addressed by Elder H. C. Kimball & followed by President Young I did not attend myself and hence did not take notes but they had an interesting time, they warned the Loyars Lawyers and Doctors of the iniquity, and Preached righteousness to the Saints. I spent the afternoon at home writing. And in the evening in company with Mrs Woodruff I rode out to Br John Benbow and spent the night ...
    August 19, 1844
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    August 20, 1844 ~ Tuesday 20th I spent the day at home writing August 21, 1844 ~ Wednesday 21st I met in council with the Twelve by the request of Elder Lyman Wight as he wished some council, but he was sick and could not attend so the council dispersed. In the afternoon Elders B. Young H. C. Kimball W. Richards and J. Taylor each in company with his ...
    August 20, 1844 August 21, 1844 August 22, 1844 August 23, 1844