Olive Lowry Anderson

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    Hygiene Cooking Sister Olive Anderson of (Springville) Lec on Healthful Dress [Sister] Allie Hyldahl [Lec] [on] Preparation for Marriage Dr Andersen of (Provo) [Lec] [on] Training of Children Sister Keeler Remarks Hymn Prayer Armeda Snow Young [sideways text]Armeda S. Young Apl. 2 [18]97 [end of sideways text] ...
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    Geo. Ed. Anderson, Portrait and Landscape Photographer. PICTURES COPIED AND ENLARGED. Dealer in Glass, Picture Frames and Fittings. Springville, Utah, Feb. 12th 1898 Dear Brethren; Enclosed please find Testimonial for your perusal. By way of explnation; will say That where the husbands have signed with their wives their names will be found oposite each other. No doubt there are many others in Springville who can testify to the observance of the Word of Wisdome. But these signatures represent the people who are directly connected with ...
    February 12, 1898
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