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    When we have the principles of the gospel revealed to us through the mouth of the Savior, or by inspired prophets or apostles, we have no need to ask the Lord to reveal that unto us again. While the priesthood is restored to the earth, and the revelations of God are revealed to us through the mouths of prophets and apostles concerning the fullness of the gospel —doctrine, ordinances and principles, we should study them, and treasure up knowledge by faith. We should study out of the best books, and the Holy Ghost will bring to our remem- brance those things which we stand in need of, in the self-same hour that we are called to teach the people.
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    the saints to come up as saviors on mount Zion but how are they to become Saviors on Mount Zion by building their temples erecting their Baptismal fonts & going forth & receiving all the ordinances, baptisms, confirmations, washings anointings ordinations, & sealing powers upon our heads in behalf of all our Progenitors who are dead & redeem them that they may come forth in the first resurrection & be exhalted to thrones of glory with us, & herein is the chain that binds the hearts of the fathers to the children, & the children to the Fathers which fulfills the mission of Elijah
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    for it is a decree of the Lord that evry tree fruit or herb bearing seed, should bring forth after its kind & cannot come forth after any other law or princi- ple. Upon the same principle do I contend that Baptism is a sign, ordained of God for the believer in Christ to take upon himself in order to enter into the kingdom of God, "for except you are born of the water & the spirit you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, saith the Savior, as It is a sign of command which God hath set for man to enter into this kingdom of God those who seek to enter in any other way will seek in vain, for God will not receive them neither will the angels acknowledge their works as accepted, for they have not taken upon themselves those ordinances & signs which God ordained for man to receive in order to receive a celestial glory, & God has decreed that all that ^who^ will not obey his voice shall not escape the damnation of hell. What is the damnation of hell, to go with that society who have not obeyed his commands. Baptism is a sign to God, to Angels to heaven that we do the will of God & their is no other way beneath the heavens whareby God hath ordained for man to come to God & any other cource is in vain. God hath decreed & ordained that man should repent of all his sins & Be Baptized for the remission of his sins then he can come to God in the name of Jesus Christ in faith, then we have the promise of the Holy Ghost
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    The sign of Peter was, to repent & be baptized for the remission of sins, with the promise of the gift of the Holy Ghost & in no other way is the gift of the Holy Ghost obtained. Their is a difference between the Holy Ghost & the gift of the Holy Ghost. Cornelius received the Holy Ghost before he was baptized which was the convincing power of God unto him of the truth of the gospel, but he could not receive the gift of the Holy Ghost untill after he was baptized, & had he not taken this sign or [or]dinances upon him the Holy Ghost which convinced him of the truth of God would have left him, untill he obeyed these ordin- ances & received the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands according to the order of God he could not have healed the sick or command an evil spirit to come out of a man & it obey him for the spirit might say to him as he did to the sons of Seava & Peter I know & Christ I know but who are ye
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    It matereth not whether we live long or short after we come to a knowlede of these princi- ples & obey them. I know that all men will be damned if they do not come in the way which God has appointed
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    Now for Elijah, the spirit power & calling of Elijah is that ye have power to hold the keys of the revelations ordinances, oricles powers & endow- ments of the fulness of the Melchezedek Priesthood & of the kingdom of God on the Earth & to recieve, obtain & perform all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God even unto the sealing of the hearts
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    I wish you to understand this subject for it is important & if you will recieve it this is the spirit of Elijah that we redeem our dead & connect ourselves with our fathers which are in heaven & seal up our dead to come forth in the first resurrection & here we want the power of Elijah to seal those who dwell on earth to those which dwell in heaven this is the power of Elijah & the keys
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    April 8, 1844 ~ Monday Conference met at 10 oclok April 8th President J Smith arose and said it is impossible to continue the subject that I spoke upon yesterday in consequence of the weekness of my lungs. Yet I have a proclamation to make to the Elders you know the Lord has led the church untill the present time. I have now a great proclamation for the Elders to teach the church here after which is in relation to Zion. The whole of North and South America is Zion, the mountain of the ...
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    By receiving the gospel which we have brought unto you, yes & thousands have & it stands as a testimony that God has got a Prophet on the earth, you might have been baptized seventy times seven in any way except the way God had ordained and pointed out & you would not have received the Holy Ghost, this also is a testimony to you. Are ye ingaged in the great work with us ye will say yes, can ye do any good? yes ye can. The sectarian ...
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    September 9, 1844 ~ Monday 9th Monday wind still in the north lake rough. we did not leave port but spent the day in Chicago September 10, 1844 ~ Tuesday 10th Left Chicago in the morning Passed Little Port New Port and arived at Milwakie in the morning September 11, 1844 ~ Wednesday 11th Wind still in the north we went into the river and spent the day and night September 12, 1844 ~ Thursday 12th Wind changed ...
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    The following is a part of the Doctrinal Catechism of the Church of England 1 who are your lawful spiritual Pastors The Ministers of the Church of England 2. What are they called. Bishops Priests & Deacons 3. Are not disenting teachers Ministers of the gospel No they have never been called after the manner of Aaron 4th But do they not say that God has called them inwardly yes but if he had called them inwardly he would have called them in the order of his word outwardly 5 ...
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    & power to fly through the midst under heaven as Philip travled by the spirit, that I should have power over my enemies & have long life to bring many into the kingdom of God [Acts 8:39] Also that I should have the riches of the earth & that I should have sons & consecrate them priests unto God in zion & that I should tread upon the ashes of my enemies in Jackson County they that had sought to take my life & the ...
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    God while nature was hushed in silenced by the sable shades of night. After spending the night in prayer we returned to our homes in the morning intending to spend the day in prayer & fasting for still greater blessings this being upon April 5, 1837 ~ Wednesday April 5th I spent a part of the day in attending the high council the remainder in writing, prayer & fasting I again repaired to the upper ^lower^ part of the house of the Lord at 5 oclock PM. with the quorum ...
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    Amen. & Amen. & Hosanna. Hosanna. Hosanna. to GOD & the LAMB. Amen. Amen. & Amen. This was repeated as it is written & if ever a shout entered the cabinet of heaven that did & was repeated by angels on high & caused the power of God to rest upon us. (O, ye Priest of Baal. O, ye Gentile religionest O. ye inha bitants of Babylon possessing the mark of the beast what knowledge have ye of the ordinances or blessings or virtues of the
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    January 20, 1843 ~ Friday to January 21, 1843 ~ Saturday Jan 20, 21, I spent the time in the Printing office January 22, 1843 ~ Sunday 22nd Sunday President Joseph Smith deliverd an interesting discourse at the Temple to an inter large congregation among other things he treated upon the kingdom of God & the baptism of John. He remarked ["]some say the kingdom of God was not set up on earth untill the day of pentecost & that John ...
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    before we get our salvation secure for thei[r] is so many fools in the world for the devil to operate upon it gives him the advantage often times. The question is freequently asked can we not be saved without going through with all thes ordinances &c I would answer no not the fulness of salvation, Jesus said their was many mansions in his fathers house & he would go & prepare a place for them. House here named should have been translated Kingdom & any person who is exhalted ...
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    of the Sisters we expect to get the nails & glass & with the assistance of the Brethren we expect to do the rest. I will proclaim in publick & in private that the sisters bought the glass & nails by penny subscription. Chuse ye this day wholm ye will serve. We shall call upon this vast multitude for a donation to buy powder & fuse rope. We want the brethren to do as much as the sisters. We do not intend to finish the Nauvoo House this season but to ...