Oscar Andrus

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    President Paxman will be able to advise you respecting those who labored under his direction. Elders Madsen, ^Dalling^ Hales, and Andrus will return to Zion this month, accompanied by three families of Europeans Saints, numbering about 17 souls. A native brother and his wife have importuned me very earnestly to permit them to accompany me home, with a view of permanently locating there. The husband speaks enough English for all practicable ...
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    We had a large gathering and a good spirit prevailed. Enclosed please find our Semi Annual Statistical Report. The health of the Elders is very good, and all join in kind regards, Your Brother in the Gospel, W T Stewart President of the Australasian Mission. P. S. Elders Oscar Andrus, H. B. Dalling, Hans Madsen, and George Hales, the returning Elders above referred to, have performed honorable and faithful missions in this land ...
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    Auckland, New Zealand Dec. 26th 1892. President Wilford Woodruff and Counsellors, Dear Brethren, I have just granted releases to Elders C. W. Taylor and M. Bennion who have been humble, diligent, and faithful in all their duties in this land. They return by way of Asia and Europe, hence it will be several months before they reach Zion. I received the draft in due time for their return fares. Four ...
    December 26, 1892