Oswego, Oswego County, New York

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    Part of Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

    (Continued from page 265.) HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. -[FROM HIS OWN PEN.]- May 5—While laboring for Joseph Young, Kirtland was visited with a sudden storm of wind and rain, a cur- rent passed south of the Temple in the form of a whirlwind or tornado, which destroyed and injured several build- ings, it crushed one of Joseph Young's buildings, and removed the one we were in some 10 feet, but no person was ...
    May 5, 1837 May 10, 1837 May 31, 1837 June 1, 1837 June 4, 1837 July 6, 1837 July 10, 1837
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    Part of Letter to Phebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff, 14 June 1837

    Kingston U.P C. Upper Canida June 14th 1837 Dear friend for your consolation I sit down to drop a few lines to you to inform you that we are all well &c. our conference is closed & we are on our way to Connecticut we had a glorious time the spirit of God was poured out upon us all I preached on Sunday the 11th in the forepart of the Day when I closed five presented themselves for Baptism Elder Page administered the ordinance ...
    June 14, 1837