Painesville, Lake County, Ohio

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    mormonism Mormonism that any portion of our rural population should be the dupes of this religious imposture and absurdety is as strange as it is too true. Emissaries from some unknown quarter are actively enguaged making proselytes: with conciderable and malancholy success the purport of mormonite preaching is to induce the creadulous to leave this country and go to America their to reign with Christ until this wicked part of the world is distroyed under the influence of this notion not a few have been weake enough to sell their little property and go that some worldy scheme is at ...
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    Information cent May 1 [18]94 Painesville, Ohio. Feb. 28th. 1894. President Willis Woodruff, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dear Sir: I am preparing an article on the early history of the Mormon Church in this county, (Lake,) for the Cosmopolitan Magazine, and desire to give it as fully and completely as possible. Thinking you might be able to give me some information bearing upon the settlement at Kirtland, I have taken the liberty to address you. The names of the leading members of ...
    February 28, 1894