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    the greatest warfare is with ourselves if we can gain a victory with ourselves so as to have peace with ourselves our wives & childn we shall do well.
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    Apply our hearts to wisdom & it will produce peace, health, wealth & evry good thing.
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    the liberty of the Holy Gospel was peace & righteousness we had no liberty to take away another mans rights but the first principle of liberty was resignation & submission for go whare you will to Heaven or Hell you have to submit to laws we are at liberty to adobt evry Holy principle to all Eternity go East North or South keep evry thing you want for yourself wife children houses cattle & create out of the elements evry thing you can yet you are not at liberty to infringe upon the rights of men you may have the privilege to do all things that is done in heaven. Organize the elements give commands & rule over kingdoms but be subject to such laws as you are under the law of liberty is to do right for God to all Eternity the opposite principle is to be discontented with things to be different from what they are this is Hell & all the Hell their is I dont care how things are if I do right we shall find the law of liberty to be Eternal life light & peace which will increase to all Eternity we ought not to do an Evil to cause pain to any crea- ture
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    if they felt disposed to reject the gospel & be damned they had a right to, & the Saints or inhabitants of Zion had no right to take from them their religion or persecute them on account of it or trample upon their rights any way, neither should other nations or religions trample upon the rights & privileges of the Saints who serve & obey the Lord of [and] Keep his Commandments neither would that be suffered as it has been in times past. And upon this principle all men or religions may dwell with us in peace, if they will keep the outward laws of the kingdom of [God] so as to acknowledg his name & his right to reign & let us keep the law of the gospel & obey his commandments undisturbed.
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    Sunday Jan 1, 1865 Jan 1, 1865 This is the commencement of a New Year The past year has been an Eventful year in many respects Esspecially in the history of the United States war has contine- ued to rage with awful carnage through the year between the North & South, and apparently with No prospect of peace. All Nations steem to be prepareing for war and great calamity await the wicked. yet Zion still prospers and God is with her He defends Zion & sustains his servants
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    President Brigham Young made the last speech & gave vary good Advise He told us how to have peace in our families. We should never let our families see us mad we should always be kind & mild with them & do what was right & not neglect our Prayers toor to ask a Blessing at the Table, but set a good Example before our families He said that the sin of Omission would lead to the sin of commission.
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    we must do the best we can in this life & in the next we shall receive a fulness but before I go home I want to have my work done so that I can breath out my spirit in peace into the Hands of God. I want to use my time so that I have nothing to repent off. I want to live to do my work for If we leave our work to be done by somebody els to do it will be a long time before it is done Like an Elder going on a mission leaves work to be done By some one Els it is undone.
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    and unto they servants the Presidency of thy church & we dedicate this House unto the[e] from the Foundation to the top thereof And we pray that the spirit & power of the Devil may never have Dominion over any man or power or place in the mind of any man who labours in this room we pray that thou wilt bless us O Lord with thy holy spirit that we may never profane they name in this house or dishonour the Holy priesthood or bring reproach upon thy cause or grieve thy Holy spirit in any way & we ask the[e] to bless us & to prosper us in all things & we pray that thou wilt bring to our rememberance all things which is necessary to the writing of this history & that papers & documents & all things necessary may be brought to us to enable to compile a right, usful, & proper History. I pray the My Father in Heaven that thou wilt bless these my brethrn that are my companions in this office that our hearts may be united in the bonds of the Holy Priesthood according to the Anointings & Endow- ments givingen unto us that we may be one in spirit, in heart, in faith, works as touching the cause & kingdom in which we are ingaged & we ask the to bless all things that pertain to this office & we pray that when thy servants Brigham, Heber, & Jedediah may come to visit us that they may feel the spirit of God & the spirit of peace resting upon them & that they may feel at home with us while they are beneath this roof and may we understand our duties towards them & in all things. we pray thee to hear us in all things & to accept of this dedication & we pray thee to bless our households our wives & children from this time forth & forever. we pray thee also to bless the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles The Seventies & all the Authorities & Quorums of thy Church. And bless those of thy servants who are among the Nations of the Earth & grant that they may be inspired to send tous an account of there works that we may be enabled to keep a true & faithful record that when we have gone into the world of spirits that the saints of God may be blessed in reading our record which we have kept we ask the O Lord to grant these our request & every other blessing which thou seest we kneed And in the End of our probation may we be saved in thy kingdom & the glory of our salvation we will ascribe to God the Father through Christ our Redeemer even so Amen
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    President Young said while speaking of the Indian war that it was better for us not to fight them but feed them well treat them kindly & they would kill far less of our people & die much Faster themselves than they would to fight them & drive them to subsist upon their former living upon roots & herbs
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    January 1, 1859 ~ Saturday This is a vary plesant New Years morning. One year ago this morning I reflected in my own mind upon the scenes which lay before us as a people and asked the Question whare another new Year would find me and my Brethren for we were threatened with war and extermination by the General Government and an armey of several thousand men lay upon our borders ready at the opening of spring to try to begin to put their threats into Execution but the Lord has warded off the blow & we still occupy our houses, gardens, orchards, fields, cities & Tabernacle and this is the Lords doing, & it is marvelous in our Eyes. and we now have the army in our midst under the form of peace we have the United states courts in our midst who are striving to stir up strife in the midst of this people May the Lord protect his saints through 1859 and in all time to come from the evil design of our Enemies And may he so lead the President & Congress of the United States that they shall not be able to accomplish any evil design against the Church, Kingdom & Zion of our God which dwells in these vallies of the mountains but may the Lord so guide & controll the helm of state so as to give us a state Government or esstablish the Kingdom of God on the Earth May he inspire the heart of his servant Brigham continually with power, light, & truth so that He may continue to lead the Church & kingdom of God in peace & safety as he has done heretofore untill the saints of the Most High shall possess the kingdom in power & Glory and be prepared for the comeing of the Son of Man
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    {[On] the [illegible] of Sister Martha Barker who desired to return back thinking it after all too great to leave her friends. I immediately set before her the danger of returning to Babylon and encouraged her and she became reconciled and continued her journey.} I rode with them this first days travel as far as the south fork of Mayfield whare we all camped for the night After pitching our tents & taking supper I assembled this small camp of Israel together at Br Albert Pettys tent to ...
    September 20, 1836 September 21, 1836
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    the keys of the kingdom of God who can oppose it not war with the sword but with another power, the world has always been sheding Blood. I proclaim peace not war, & this is what he calls the kingdom. Has not the kingdom of God a right to extend in any part of the world to do good. Beat swords into plow shares & spears into pruning hooks, & it shall be a kingdom of glory, peace, ^&^ salvation. Let no man be alarmed because the Lord said that the kingdom of God should swallow up all other kingdoms ...
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    9 Priests, 11 Teachers & 5 Deacons this with some other business composed the business of the day. meeting closed & we retired to our places of abode in peace I accompanied several of my brethren to Elder Stodards whare we spent the night distance of the day 8 miles June 11, 1837 ~ Sunday June 11th I was called upon to address the conference in the forepart of the Day it was with peculiar feelings that I arose to address a large congregation of saints raised up in another nation under an other ...
    June 11, 1837
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    another down he will sink as soon as a peace of pot mettle. Preach faith repentance & Baptism say nothing but repentance to this generation need not go into mysteries preach the same over again when I heard Br Joseph make his proclamation yesterday I thought it was a sweepstakes when he said North & South America was Zion. Any Elder that will be wise when he gets his endowment can go into any city & build up the largest church in the city this prooves the prophet true, that the priesthood is fitted for the condition ...
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    23rd [FIGURE] I met with the quorum of the Twelve in council, a little time or some of them. I visited Emma Smith the widow of the prophet she let me have a peace of oak for a Staff [FIGURE] out of the [FIGURE] coffin of the Prophet Joseph who was inhumanly martered in Carthage Ill in company with his brother Hiram. Emma also let me have a Pair of gloves composed of white cotton and Mrs
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    untill God has given ^thee^ the desires of thy heart in seeing the Keys of the Kingdom of God held in the hands of thy Posterity so planted in the earth that they shall never be taken from it untill he reigns whose right it is to reign. Let thy heart be comforted in the midst of thy sorrow, for thou shalt be had in honorable remem berance forever in the congregations of the righteous thou shalt be remembered in thy wants during the remainder of thy day, and when thou art ...
    August 24, 1844
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    my heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and the Keys of the kingdom of God that he would spedily avenge the blood of Joseph the Prophet Seer and Revelator, and Hiram the Patriarch, which had been shed by the hands of the American gentile nation, upon all the heads of the Nation and State that have aided, abeted or perpetrated the horid deed, of sheding the blood of those righteous men even the Lords anointed. I ...
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    September 3, 1840 ~ Thursday 3rd I felt some better this morning But am confin ed most of the day to my room Elders Kimball & Smith took a walked into the City September 4, 1840 ~ Friday 4th Elders Kimball & Smith took a walk to Debt ford, & I took a walk into the city called upon Br Corner found him in good Spirits. I also called upon A Mr
    September 3, 1840 September 4, 1840
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    Same Day. A blessing upon the head of Susan Cornelia Woodruff. Susan Cornelia we lay our hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ & by virtue of the holy priesthood we bless you with the blessings of life & health & of Abraham of Isaac & of Jacob I seal thee against the powe[r] of desease we ask God that thou mayest live & cross the sea with thy parents & that the angels may guard thee & we rebuke all weak- nesses ...
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    October 1, 1844 ~ Tuesday Sept 31st [Oct 1] I left fathers house rode to Avon called upon Uncle Thadeus Thompson he looked rather old. I called upon Aunt Abia Thompson she greeted me warmly, wished me God speed; she possesses good and kind feeling I passed Zera Woodford; & spoke to him I next called upon cousin Eldad Woodruff he appeared glad to see me. he looked natural. I next called upon Uncle Titus ...
    October 1, 1844