Peter Demetrius Allaimbi

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    place until we can, and there prepare the people to build up the Centre Stake in the Orient. We do not need to go so far, All we need to do is to brave the danger of frontier life as we did in Utah, and we can get plenty of Good land & water almost for nothing. Syria is large, but Mesopotania with its ancient water canal systems is empty & iddle. I am told by those who know that there is not ...
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    Investigation of correspondence be- tween the U.S. Legation & the Porte President Woodruff & Counsellors. Dear Brethern, I called at the Legation to investigate the assertion of U.S. Marshall Allaimby. That the Legation of the U.S. had of- fered its good office to help supress Mormonism. I found the Marshall was correct. It appears that in Oct 1887, the Turkish Government had been stuffed about us opening a prin ting press & that the editor Mr. Hintze lived at Kom Kapoo, and ...
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    ficials and they were somewhat informed on Mormonism. And Mr. Allaimby is authority for the statement, that the Porte snubed ^the^ Minister by telling him that the Mormons would be protected as others & had the same right: The Turks saw the sceme and they were too smart to be caught. I could not get a copy. When Mr Riddle saw the nature of it, it made him a little nervous and he said with a smile: "Well, I guess that is all burried, is it not ...