Portland Hotel, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

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    Mr D. E. Burley the U. SP Superintendent being on the car. he took the matter in hand and provided the proper transportation for the party so that we got along all right. I had a good night's rest, and traveled the next day (the 14th) the heat being very oppressive and the dust annoying which continued all night. August 15, 1896 ~ Saturday Aug 15th We arrived at Portland this morning about 8 o'clock. I find I feel better. We took breakfast at the ...
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    the Oregon pine timber. June 27, 1895 ~ Thursday 27th We traveled along the bend of the Columbia River, where numbers were engaged in the salmon business, both in catching and canning. We arrived at Portland, and stopped at the Port- land Hotel, at $5.00 a day for our rooms. All the company stopped at this hotel. I wrote a pencil letter to Owen, and Ma wrote too. We spent ...
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    August 15, 1896 ~ Saturday 15 we took breakfast at the Portland Hotel I wrote 6 [FIGURE] Letter to Ovando, Owen Blanche & Jack & told him the mistake Mad[e] in Not preparing Asahel with tickets we spent the day at the portland Hotel we went on board of the State of Calafornia at 8 oc and saild through the Night quite smoothly August 16, 1896 ~ Sunday 16 ^Sunday^ quite cloudy we took breakfast ...