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    On the 24th, while in the swamps, I had an attack of the rheumatism and could not travel fast. My companion, br. Brown, had got in a hurry, and wished to return to his family in Kirtland, and as I could not travel as fast as he wished, we parted. He left me sitting on a log in the mud and water; I was lame and un- able to walk, without food, and twelve miles from the nearest house on the road; he went out of sight in great haste. I then knelt down in the water and prayed to the Lord to heal me. The Spirit of the Lord rested upon me, and I was healed; the pain left me; I arose and went my way. Whenever I met with one or more families, I preached and bore testimony to them.
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    Then I would exhort you to go on & continue to call upon God untill you make your calling & election sure for yourselves by obtaining this more sure word of Prophesey & wait patiently for the promise untill you obtain it
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    I never saw so gloomy a time at sea on board of A ship in the midst of A Hurrica ne, the raging billows pouring out there fury upon us evry thing stifning up with cold & frost No one knowing whats [next] the yards would be blown away or a mast go by the board or the ship spring a leak or founder & go to the bottom It was Amid these reflections late in the evening that I stood on deck & gazed late in the evening upon the wild & dismal appearanc that surrounded me And raised A secret pray to my Heavenly father to protect us then with calmnes & composur retired to my bunk leaving all in the hands of God
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    wind changed to the east commenced blowing a gale, it was head wind we were drove under bare poles through the day & evening it made us all dreadful sick, the sea was drea vary rough & piled Up like hills. the gale increased untill about 9 oclock in the evening it appeared as though it must tear the yards from the mast. We kneeled before the Lord & Prayed unitedly that the Lord would cause the gale to scease & the wind to change that we might go forward & not backward & in a little time after the wind instantly sceased & finally changed into the South West which gave us fair wind
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    Meeting opened at 2 oclok PM at the Council Block. Meeting opened by prayer by O. Pratt who also remarked that we had suffered by the gentiles a long time; but had now gone out of there midst & hoped we should rest for a season from there grasp. had rather suffer the fatigues of this wilderness journey and live on game than suffer by mobs. would rather fall into the hands of God than a mob as God is more merciful. I have heard the prophet say that God could not controle the wicked at all times and let them act upon their agency without operating upon them as a machine. I am contented whare I am but should be more so if we had an abundanc of the necessaries of life, the mob at last have had courage after gathering & threatning for about 6 years to come against the Saints in Nauvoo from one thousand to twelve hundred men had came against one hundred of the Saints and have a pitched battle, but the Saints went out to battle in the name of God & their ene- mies were defeated.
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    President Young arose and said I wish to make a few remarks attached to the remarks that have been made. I will inform the brethren that have come up we are glad to see them. Br Cutler has been with us before. Br Wells has been in our society for several years and I have had considerable acquaintance with him and I am more than ever satisfyed with his course. we have prayed for our brethren con- tinually I am sensible there is a good deal of suffering there and here, but let me say the Lord God who has fed us all the day long, has his care still over us, when the Saints are chastened enough it will scease at least the hand of God will be visible in there salvation, some individuals may fall but the body will be sustained I have never believed the Lord would suffer a general Massacrce of this people by a mob. If 10,000 men were to come against us if no other way was open the earth would open and swallow them up some say they can stay in Nauvoo and can live there in perfet peace they are so righteous, there are some that have no better eyes than to say let me live with the wicked in peace but there blessings will be scearce with the mob, and if they do not leave I fear they will prove a scourge
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    Elder Hyde made many remarks upon each item as they came up before the people Among other things said that the Priesthood & Saints Held the keys of Blessings in there own hands & said we have not had but one shower of rain this year or since last fall & we have not seen the bow in the Heavens at all this season the earth is parched up & dry now if you want rain open your doors & receive the poor And you will have the Blessings the people said they would do it & Elder Pratt Prayed for rain.
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    the conference was dismissed & though there had not been a shower of rain but once since last fall & the bow had not been seen since last year yet as soon as meeting was dismissed the clouds gatherd the rain poured down the Bow appeared And it was a matter of observation with many of the world as well as Saints.
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    November 24, 1850 ~ Sunday 24th Sunday I attended meeting President Young addressed the meeting in an interesting manner much to our edifycati[on] said even those who were keeping the celestial law had their imper- fections were found in a fault here & there yet they would pray to God Angels & men that they were willing to sacrafize all things for the sake of the kingdom of God He exhorted all men to do right as they would wish to be done by for the saints would judge the world
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    When I contrast the present with the past situations of the Saints I[t] gives me a great variety of feelings, both good & bad Joyful & sorrowful I have seen this people waiding through a school of affliction they then were prayful & had faith their trying situation made them remember the Lord their God. But now prosperity is heaped upon you and as this people are to be tryed in all things when prosperity comes some forget God wax fat & rich do not realize the blessings they are enjoying.
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    Sept. travling in company with Elder Clapp on foot through a rainy day & wadeing through creeks & swamps Br & Sister Benton accompanied us on horsback but we all arived weary & wet distance {of the day} 25 miles September 10, 1836 ~ Saturday 10 Arose in the morning sumwhat ill in consequence of the hard tower we endured the day previous rode to Elder J. F Lane to attend the counsel of Elders to take into consideration the case of ...
    September 10, 1836
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    October 6, 1836 ~ Thursday Oct 6th Spent the day at Elder Alexanders 2 miles October 7, 1836 ~ Friday 7th Rode in company with Elder Alexander & Warren Smith & their families to Paris & Perhaps the last time that I shall visit the place From thence to Mr Jonathan Alexanders Preached at his house at candle light distane 30 m[iles] October 8, 1836 ~ Saturday 8th Rode {with Elder
    October 6, 1836 October 7, 1836 October 8, 1836 October 9, 1836 October 10, 1836 October 11, 1836 October 12, 1836
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    November 26, 1836 ~ Saturday Nov 26th I visited President & Doct Cowdery at the Printing office & made a general settlement with them for the M[essenger] & Advocate for the subscribers of the South I gave 9 new subscribers to them & Paid them $41.50 for the M & Advocate which setteled all matters between us. I receieved some counsel from Presidents Smith & Rigdon to Elder Parrishe's house & spent the day in writing November 27, 1836 ~ ...
    November 26, 1836 November 27, 1836
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    was presented to us for an example {O God stay thy hand and judgment on Kirtland O Wilford remember this warning escape judgment lest thou fall O God save me for Christ's sake} Spent the past week in school in the Lords house December 18, 1836 ~ Sunday 18 Sunday I went up to the house of the Lord to worship Sermon delivered by Elder William Smith Elder Joseph Young administered the sacrament President Joseph Smith jr solumnized the rights ...
    December 18, 1836 December 19, 1836 December 20, 1836 December 20, 1836 December 22, 1836 December 24, 1836 December 25, 1836
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    Moved by Elder Kimble & seconded by Elder Richards that 20 of the Seventies be sent for & that it be left discretionary with the president of the Twelve to send for more if he think proper Meeting closed by prayer by Elder Kimble At a general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints held in the Temperance Hall Preston, Lancashire, England; on the fifteenth Day of April Eighteen hundred & forty. Elder Kimble was called to ...
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    The Conference met pursuant to adjournment. Opened by Prayer Scattering members were then represented consisting of near 50 not included in any of the Above branches The President then proceded to make some remarks on the Office of Patriarch and concluded by moving that Elder Albertson be ordained to that Office. This was seconded by Elder Kimball and carried unanimou- sly. Resolved that D. Watt Thomas Richardson G. J. Adams James ...
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    April 6, 1844 ~ Saturday A Special Conference held at Nauvoo April 6th AD 1844 Conference assembled at 10 oclock AM April 6 President B, Young, called the conference to order. President Joseph Smith said he should not occupy time in speaking of any difficulties that might have occured in our midst, said he was not a fallen prophet, & never in any nearer relationship to God than at the present time, & would show before the conferen closed ...
    April 6, 1844
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    April 8, 1837 ~ Saturday April 8th Spent the day in writing my Journal Spent the evening at Elder Milicans in Good Company April 9, 1837 ~ Sunday 9th Sunday morning I repaired to the house of the Lord to worship with the Saints Father John Smith opened the meeting by prayer then read the twelvth chapter of the second Book of Nephi & preached from it unto the people. In the latter part of the Day Elder
    April 8, 1837 April 9, 1837
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    thee and reveal unto thee thy duty yea and give unto the[e] many instructions. Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^ Thou ...
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    April 20, 1837 ~ Thursday April 20th Spent this day in the house of the Lord in prayer and fasting with the congregation of the Saints. Much of the power, gifts, and graces of the gospel was poured out upon us. speaking and interpeting of tongues was manifest in the congregation one brother sung a lengthy song in tongues & sister Hide interpeted the same it was great & glorious much of it was respecting the fame of Joseph and his ...
    April 20, 1837 April 21, 1837 April 22, 1837 April 30, 1837 May 1, 1837 May 5, 1837 May 10, 1837