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    When the Twelve or any other witnesses stand before the congregations of the earth & they preach in the power & demonstration of the spirit of God & the people are asstonis[h]ed & confounded at the doctrin & say that that man has preached a powerful discourse a great sermon then let that man or those men take care that they do not ass cribe the glory unto themselves but be ca- reful that they are humble & ascribe the praise & glory to God & the Lamb for it is by the power of the Holy Priesthood & Holy Ghost they have power thus to speak: what art thou O man but dust & pain wholm dost thou receive thy power & blessings but from God Then O ye Twelve notice this [FIGURE] key & be wise for Christ sake & your own so[u]ls sake
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    But I tel you in the name of the Lord, that no man can put another betwen the Twelve and the Prophet Joseph, why because Joseph was their file leader and he has committed into there hands the keys of the kingdom for all the world. dont put a thread between the Priesthood and God
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    When the Twelve or any other witness of Jesus Christ stands befor the congregations of the earth & they preach in the power & demonstration of the Holy Ghost & the people are asstonished & confounded at the doctrin & say that that man has preached a powerful discours a great sermon then let that man or those men take care that they do not asscribe the glory unto themselves but be careful that they are humble & asscribe the praise & glory to God & the Lamb for it is by the power of the
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    Respecting females laying on hands, he further remarkd there could be no devil in it if God gave his sanction by healing that there could be no more sin in any female laying hands on the sick than in wetting the face with water that it is no sin for any body to do it that has faith, or if the sick has faith to be healed by the administration.
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    What if we should attempt to get the Holy Ghost through any other means except the sign or way which God hath appointed, should we obtain it certainly not all other means would fail. The Lord says do so & so & I will bless so & so their is certain key words & signs belonging to the priesthood which must be observed in order to obtaine the blessings
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    Their is a differance between the spirit & office of Elias & Elijah it is the spirit of Elias I wish first to speak of. And in order to come at the subject I will bring some of the testimony from the scripture & give my own, in the first place suffice it to say I went into the woods to inq wire of the Lord by prayer his will concern- ing me, & I saw an angel & he laid his hands upon my head & ordained me to be a priest after the order of Aaron & to hold the keys of this priesthood which office was to preach repentance & Baptism for the remission of Sins & also to baptise but was informed that this office did not extend to the laying on of hands for the giving of the Holy Ghost that that office was a greater work & was to be given afterwards but that my ordination was a preparetory work or a going before which was the spirit of Elias
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    We find the Apostles endowed with greater power than John their office was more under the spirit & power of Elijah than Elias.
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    Now for Elijah, the spirit power & calling of Elijah is that ye have power to hold the keys of the revelations ordinances, oricles powers & endow- ments of the fulness of the Melchezedek Priesthood & of the kingdom of God on the Earth & to recieve, obtain & perform all the ordinances belonging to the kingdom of God even unto the sealing of the hearts
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    I wish you to understand this subject for it is important & if you will recieve it this is the spirit of Elijah that we redeem our dead & connect ourselves with our fathers which are in heaven & seal up our dead to come forth in the first resurrection & here we want the power of Elijah to seal those who dwell on earth to those which dwell in heaven this is the power of Elijah & the keys
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    The doctrin of Baptism for the dead is clearly shown in the new testament & if the doctrin is not good then throw away the new testa ment but if it is the word of God then let the doctrin be acknowledged & it was one reason why Jesus said how oft would I have gatherd you (the Jews) together that they might attend to the ordinance of the baptism for the dead as well as the other ordinances the Priesthood
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    us great things, dont think strange if men dont think of great things when I obtained a great & glorious principle I felt like locking it up lest the people would laugh at me. And while we were together & telling one thing we would learn another; I speak of these things to do away with the notion or feelings about our secret meetings was their any thing wrong then no, neither will their be now. No, I have no fear of it what God does is for my salvation & the ...
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    The sun in the east arose to gladden earth & shed oe'r nature his pleaseing beams to wellc ome the return of delightful spri ng that drearry winter might be forgotten. No day more pleas ing than April thirteenth 1837 While all nature smiled without friendships purest joys were felt beneath a prophets roof whare the brides and bri desgroom found a welcome reception. While by law with the nuptial cord their hands were bound their congenial hearts in one, lay cemented bearing the seal of Eternal life. Their friendship formed from principle pure ...
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    April 15, 1837 ~ Saturday WILLFORD. WOODRUFFs Patriarchal Blessing Receieved April 15th 1837 At a blessing meeting held at the LORDs house in Kirtland Ohio on the 15th day of April AD. 1837. Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the church of latter day saints confered a blessing upon the head of Willford Woodruff son of Aphek Woodruff born in Farmington Hartford County Connt March the 1
    April 15, 1837
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    thee and reveal unto thee thy duty yea and give unto the[e] many instructions. Thou shalt have the spirit of God to instruct thee in thy mission and lead thee into all truth thou shalt be filled with the spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. ^Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name^ Thou ...
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    PHEBE W. CARTER's PATRIARCHAL Blessing Receieved 10th NOV. AD 1836 At a blessing meeting held in the Lords house in Kirtland Ohio on the 10th day of NOV AD 1836 Joseph Smith sen the Patriarch of the Church of Latter Day Saints confered a blessing upon the head of Phebe W Carter born in Scarborough, Cumberland County, state of Main the 8th of March 1807. Sister in the ...
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    to those that want to go away from this place I would say wait untill the time comes. I will give you the key. North and South America is Zion and as soon as the temple is done and you get your endowment you can go and build up statkes but dont be in haste, wait untill the Lord says go. If you have the spirit of God you can discover right from wrong. when all is right with the priesthood is right ^&^ A ...
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    The following blessing was proclaimed upon the head of Mother Lucy Smith (the Mother of the prophet seer and Revelator Joseph and his brethren) on the 23rd day of August 1844 under the hands of Elder Wilford Woodruff of the quorum of the Twelve Beloved Mother in Israel according to your request I lay my hands upon your head, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and the [FIGURES] [keys] of the kingdom of God to bestow a ...
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    untill God has given ^thee^ the desires of thy heart in seeing the Keys of the Kingdom of God held in the hands of thy Posterity so planted in the earth that they shall never be taken from it untill he reigns whose right it is to reign. Let thy heart be comforted in the midst of thy sorrow, for thou shalt be had in honorable remem berance forever in the congregations of the righteous thou shalt be remembered in thy wants during the remainder of thy day, and when thou art ...
    August 24, 1844
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    A Blessing bestowed upon the head of Elder Wilford Woodruff under the hands of the quorum of the Twelve Elder John Taylor being spokesman Nauvoo August 24th 1844 Brother Woodruff we lay our hands upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Holy Priesthood to seal upon your head a blessing and set you apart unto the important mission which is appointed you of the Lord by the voice of the Twelve to go over the sea ...
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    I settelled with Mr Hiram Kimball and I gave him my due Bill to the amount of [blank] I settled my accounts and business with several individuals. I had calls from several friend during the day and evening I spent the evening in packing up my trunk and writing August 25, 1844 ~ Sunday 25th Sunday I met with the congregation of the Saints in Nauvoo I was called upon to address them inasmuch as I was about to leave them to ...
    August 25, 1844