Sackets Harbor, Jefferson County, New York

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    Part of Journal (December 29, 1833 – January 3, 1838)

    June 5, 1837 ~ Monday June 5th I called in the morning at Brother Azmons & conversed with him & also Brother Thompson upon temporal as well as spiritual subjects. Neither of them manifested any hardness towards me in the morning but both appeared affected Brother Azmon said he was still seeking for light & truth & should not have left the truth or the Church of latter day saints had it not been for his temptations trials &c. But I commended him to God & was ...
    June 5, 1837 June 6, 1837 June 7, 1837
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    Part of Leaves From My Journal

    LEAVES FROM MY JOURNAL. under the hands of Father Joseph Smith, the Patriarch, two days later. I felt impressed by the Spirit of God to take a mission to the Fox Islands, situated east of the Maine shore, a country I knew nothing about. I made my feelings known to the Apostles, and they advised me to go. Feeling that it was my duty to go upon this mission, I did not tarry at home one year after having married a
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    Part of Autobiography 1858 Deseret News

    THE DESERET NEWS. TRUTH AND LIBERTY. No. 20. FILLMORE CITY, WEDNESDAY, JULY 21, 1858. VOL VIII. [Column 1] HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. (FROM HIS OWN PEN.) -[CONTINUED.]- MAY 31—I left my wife and friends in Kirt- land, and walked to Fairport with bro. Hale; we were joined by Milton Holmes, and took the steamer Sandusky and arrived in Buffalo June 1st, and Syracuse on the
    May 31, 1837 June 1, 1837 June 4, 1837 June 10, 1837 June 12, 1837 June 16, 1837 June 19, 1837 June 20, 1837 June 21, 1837 June 22, 1837 June 23, 1837 August 1, 1837 August 7, 1837 August 10, 1837 August 18, 1837 August 19, 1837 September 6, 1837 October 2, 1837 October 3, 1837 October 4, 1837 October 5, 1837 October 6, 1837 October 9, 1837 November 2, 1837 November 15, 1837 November 15, 1837 January 15, 1838 February 13, 1838 March 8, 1838 March 22, 1838 April 4, 1838 April 11, 1838 April 28, 1838 May 7, 1838 May 11, 1838
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    Part of Autobiography 1865 Millennial Star

    (Continued from page 265.) HISTORY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. -[FROM HIS OWN PEN.]- May 5—While laboring for Joseph Young, Kirtland was visited with a sudden storm of wind and rain, a cur- rent passed south of the Temple in the form of a whirlwind or tornado, which destroyed and injured several build- ings, it crushed one of Joseph Young's buildings, and removed the one we were in some 10 feet, but no person was injured. I felt ...
    May 5, 1837 May 10, 1837 May 31, 1837 June 1, 1837 June 4, 1837 July 6, 1837 July 10, 1837
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    Part of Autobiography Leaves from my Journal 1836–1837 Notes

    The time having arrived for me to start on my mission I did not tary at home one year according to the Law of Moses after having married me a wife I ownly tarried one Month & 18 days and on the 3rd May 1837, I took the parting hand with my wife whom I left at with Sister Hale, where she was expecting to tary for the season. After parting with other friends I Kirtland left Kirtland in good spirits and walked in company with
    May 13, 1837
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 1

    Vinal Haven bordering East upon the State of Maine although it was a country I never had visited. I named my feelings upon the subject to Elder Kimball Sidney Rigdon, and some others they incoraged me to go, Elder Kimball blessed me and said in the name of the Lord I should be blessed and prospered on my mission & do a good work I made a proposition to Elder Johnathan H. Hale to accompany me upon my mission which he excepted. On the 31st ...
    May 10, 1837 May 31, 1837 June 1, 1837 June 4, 1837 July 6, 1837 July 10, 1837
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    Part of Autobiography 1857-1858 Draft 2

    into the hands of our enemies against us; ^t^They had oppressed the poor saints ^& had brought sought to bring distress th upon them^, and had become covenant breakers, for which they ^will feel the^ wrath of God,^.^ he said, they would become whited walls. April 13 1837, I married Phebe W. Carter daughter of Ezra and Sarah Carter of Scarborough, Maine, the ceremony was performed, at the house of Prest. Joseph Smith ...
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    Part of Autobiography Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine 1883-84

    TULLIDGE'S QUARTERLY MAGAZINE. [Column 1] we were joined by Elder Milton Holmes. There we went aboard the steamer San- dusky, and made our way to Buffalo, and proceeded thence to Syracuse, by way of the Erie Canal. We then walked to Richland, Oswego County, New York, where I met my two brothers, whom I had not seen for several years. After spending one night there, we continued our journey to ...
    June 11, 1808
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    Part of Letter to Asahel H. Woodruff, 7 July 1837

    Farmington, Hartford, county Connecticut, in company with Aphek & Azubah Woodruff in the front room of a house built upon the bank of the farmington river which room is decorated by historical charts, Atlass, portraits, paintings, &c &c whare Aphek Woodruff & his family have spent many of his former years which have gone gone forever JULY 7th 1837 Asahel H. Woodruff. Beloved & Affectionate Brother It is under peculiar circumstances & amid peculiar feelings that I take up my pen to once ...