Samuel Allsworth

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    Marshall Gleason came from Utah and picked up Allsworth at Deming. I made inquiries about him when I went to Doublan where he lived and found the Presiding Elder Bro. Jones knoew all about them. They were not colonists ^n^or received as members of that branch. Monday, July 6th 1891 Last night we held a Priesthood meeting and it was determined D.V. to resume our Sabbath Schools next Sabbath. Health of the Colony ...
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    Patriarch Bro B. F. Johnson. We have been together administring to the sick &c. He is a spiritually minded man and has the spirit of his call- ing. His early association with the prophet Joseph and knowledge of principle makes him an interesting companion. He is a blessing to this colony. How glad we should be to have a visit from you. We could take care of you and Aunt Emma if she was with you and you could have a ...